Winning With Integrity

Winning With Integrity is WIN-WIN

WinWithIntegrity-WinnersDontQuitAssociationEveryone wants to win. Just because there are winners doesn’t mean there has to be losers. Scoreboards do not accurately tell which team wins and which loses.

This competitive world may lead one to think that conquering the opposition sums up the title to this post “Winning With Integrity,” but winning with integrity and conquering the opposition aren’t even synonymous in sports such as football and basketball, where there are definite winners and losers. If a team does their best, gets fewer fouls than they ever have and scores more points than they ever have and become a better team than before the contest, are they really losers if the other team happens to score more points than they did?

In life, are you a winner if you close a deal but leave the other person determined to never do business with you again? Can really winning happen if both parties don’t feel good about the transaction?

In order to be sure that you are in the right mindset to begin winning with integrity, we will analyze a few preliminary routines that an individual who is winning with integrity would already be doing. Use this opportunity to incorporate these specific routines into your daily activities because that can make preparing to win with integrity easier.

Because you’re interested in winning with integrity, it is advisable to evaluate your day-to-day choices. Compare your life choices with those of an individual who already speaks honestly and with integrity. Analyze people who are productively doing that which you desire to do. Are you reflecting what they do? Here are three questions you ought to challenge yourself with if you want to begin winning with integrity.

 Winning with Integrity

  1. Do you pay attention to details?
  2. Are you responsible enough to be depended on to follow easy or intricate instructions exactly as written, step by step?
  3. Are you kinder than you need to be, even to people who are not in a position to help you?

If your answer to these three questions is “yes”, you are on your way to to winning with integrity!  These choices are common among folks who win with integrity.

If you are wanting to win with integrity, here are three of the things which you can do to increase your chances:

1- Doing what you can to help others look good.

Overlooking opportunities to do this is an easy error to make when you are wanting to win with integrity. If you choose to not seize the chances you have to help others look good, winning with integrity is tough, if not impossible.

2- Sacrificing opportunities to be a star in order to help your friends, teammates or coworkers look good.

SpotlightOthers-WinnersDon'tQuitAssociationThis is one thing that everyone looking to win with integrity should be willing and ready to do. If you are already used to sacrificing opportunities to be a star in order to spotlight others to help them win, winning with integrity will come naturally.

3- Going out of way to help someone who has little to no chance of ever being able to help you in any way.

A big part of winning with integrity involves going out of your way to help someone who it will not benefit you to help. Going out of your way to help someone at significant cost to yourself trains you to exist in the best mindset to achieve and appreciate winning with integrity.

Winning Defined

Knowing your exact definition of winning is necessary in order to get you to the place of knowing you are a winner. The specifics are different for everybody, but the general, overall definition of winning is universal. It’s kind of like the Golden Rule is carried out in specific ways for individuals, but the principles are the same for everyone.

  • Winning is a a state of mind in which we are inspired to help others also be winners.
  • The more people we help win, the more like winners we feel.
  • Real winning is an attitude, a dimension of the mind and an orientation of the heart and soul.

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