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Finding Your WINNING Attitude..Winners Don't Quit

Do you have a winning attitude that is inline with what you want to accomplish?

Gripping my cane, I look up the long sidewalk climbing the hill in front of me. The clear spring morning gives me feelings of optimism that crowd out negative disability feelings that can weigh me down like a lone mule pulling an overloaded wagon. Doctors saying I’d never walk without a cane was a limit I could not accept, until it became clear that accepting that limit was the winning option.

It may seem counterintuitive, but learning to have an accepting attitude toward the possibility that I may never walk without a cane set me free from the debilitating fear and resentment that were just two more barriers between me and walking without looking like I was about to fall. Holding my cane off the ground, I hobble up the hill. Every time I start falling, I plant my cane and catch myself. (Winners Don’t Quit…) Chapter 6 Accepting Circumstances of my book Achieving NO LIMITS-Embracing Change gives examples of how accepting our circumstances gives us power to overcome our circumstances or be happy and productive within our circumstances.

Deja Vu 

WinningAttitude-WinndersDon'tQuit AssnMy stroke of 2017 happened  37 years after my debilitating motorcycle crash. Three scars on my face, from gashes it took stitches to close, remind me of  my first rodeo, afterwhich walking without a cane was an all consuming goal. It doesn’t matter how many times we fall, or what our falling or failing actually looks like. What matters is that we have the attitude to keep getting up. For some, getting back up may mean continuing trying to walk without a cane. For others “getting up” can mean something entirely different, including accepting their circumstances. Accepting is NOT giving up. Accepting allows and/or enables us to:

  1. Believe in ourselves. Our beliefs can completely change what we see in the world and what we say or do in order to deal with what we see. Chapter 19 Believing In Myself  of Achieving NO LIMITS-Embracing Change describes how I changed from needing approval from others to believing in myself.
  2. Let go of the anger, resentment, and self pity that can only worsen our circumstances.
  3. Objectively analyze our situations so we can achieve meaningful goals.

.“WINNERS don’t quit! Winners DON’T quit!! Winners don’t QUIT!!!”.

Like anyone, I like to be well thought of. One of the worst things I’ve ever done to myself is let how I think other people think of me determine whether or not I accept and believe in myself. I’m happiest when I remember that as long as I am treating others with respect and compassion, how others think of me says more about them than it says about me.


Please click on the title of my book to see people’s reactions, three sample chapters, the contents page, etc. The testimonies on Amazon and on my website Winners Don’t Quit describe the value people find in my book Achieving NO LIMITS-Embracing Change.  It shows how attitudes of Accepting, Adapting, Believing and Caring add up to a Winners Don’t Quit “keep on keeping on” attitude. This attitude or state of mind is required to successfully rehab or reach any demanding goal

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