Winners Dont Quit Attitude

Finding Your Winners Don’t Quit Attitude

FeelingLikeLoser-WinersDontQuitAssnWinners Don’t Quit Association has always had meaning behind its catchy name. It did take a Winners DON’T Quit attitude to rehabilitate as much as I have. See, a motorcycle crash when I was 19 changed me from an enthusiastic about life, athletic roofer who felt like a winner to a hemiplegic who was so angry and depressed that I soon found myself all alone, feeling like a complete loser.

How could I change my perspective and begin seeing myself as a winner?

I desperately needed something to take my mind off of what I had become. Because of my upbringing, my first instinct was to turn to the God of my youth. But I didn’t have the patience to wait for the asked for comfort so I ended up finding comfort with a variety of instant gratification methods. Nothing is gained by dwelling on things that don’t work, so, except for a couple humorous situations, my years of despair are very rarely referred to, and when they are, it’s only to give context to one or more of my God-given strategies that turned out to be actual solutions.

WinnerAlFoxx-WinnersDontQuitAssnI believe that if something isn’t broken, you probably shouldn’t invest much time trying to change it. IOW, the people who gain the most from reading my book Achieving No Limits are those who want that rush of adrenaline that comes from true inspiration and satisfaction that comes having proven strategies to keep their Winners DON’T Quit attitude alive.

To see how I’ve dealt with life altering challanges in positive and productive ways, read my book Achieving NO LIMITS, EMBRACING CHANGE or have me share my ideas with your students or group.

Al is a Motivational Diversity Speaker, Contact him to speak at your next event.

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