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Attitude Freedom Creates            Win-Wins

If you have ever listened to one of my motivational speeches, you can likely relate to the charged feeling of freedom I have after exercising and playing cards with Wayne, my quadriplegic Attitude coach.

You’d think 30 years of living with half my body paralyzed would have taught me about Attitude, and it has, but the lessons fade in time. Interacting with my friend quadriplegic Wayne gives me a fresh look at the powerful role of Attitudes. Wayne is not only a quadriplegic, he is unable to speak. His motivational speeches are  lived. All who are open to seeing it can see his level of acceptance and the true joy he gets from the simplest of pleasures.

Since the motivational speech that comes through Wayne’s Winners Don’t Quit attitude helps me, and since my weekly trips to the long term care facility to play cards with and push his chair around the facility, Wayne and I have a relationship that raises both of our self-esteems. Have you ever heard of a truer win win?

Winner Self Esteem

The word “Esteem” is a verb meaning to appreciate the value of. Having self-esteem, knowing that you have intrinsic value, is an absolutely necessary acquisition for anyone desiring to gain a winning attitude. Playing regular Black Jack games with Wayne gives me a greater acceptance of the Challenges I face. It’s hard to feel like I have it bad when I’m playing cards with someone that makes me look like an Olympic athlete.

Winner Attitude

In visiting Wayne, one of my goals before I leave his wheelchair or bedside is to make sure he knows I think he’s a winner. Letting him know he’s a winner makes me feel like a winner.  Is there a truer win win? Am I unique that something like this makes me feel like a winner? I think not.

Art Linkletter, who interviewed everyone from children and corporate leaders to professional athletes and world decision makers, said that every healthy person wants to leave the world a better place because of their unique contribution. After thousands of interviews done over a period of more than 50 years, Art Linkletter said we all want to feel needed.

Judging from the responses my motivational speeches have received over the years, I’m managing to share many of the lessons my visits with Wayne teach me about living with a Win Win Attitude.


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