What goes around…

Do You Subscribe to the Idea: What Goes Around Comes Around?

Image of Showing anger is a poor attitude - Winners Don't Quit AssociationIn hindsight, has someone else’s poor or nasty behavior ever disabled your plans to not react like someone with brain damage?

Say a clerk in a store, unbeknownst to you, has a son who just got kicked out of his second school in as many months.

Say this clerk is sure her son is acting out his frustrations that she and his father are in a very contested divorce.

Say this totally stressed out clerk treats you with less respect than you might like.

Say she’s downright nasty to you.

Justifiable Brain Damage

Will you forget the principles you’ve decided to live by and retaliate, justifying it by telling yourself it serves her right? She may deserve to have you mistreat her as she did to you, but will it help her? And what’s an even bigger concern for you is if it will serve you well to return to her what she ungraciously gave to you.

If you believe that what goes around comes around, how will you treat people? How will you respond if you are gracious to someone who treats you poorly after you  treat them as well as you can? I don’t always act as graciously as I wish I did, but my experience is that it is easier for me to accept poor treatment if I can be sure that I’m not being treated poorly in response to how I’ve acted.

Brain Damage is No Excuse

In other words, being disabled or brain damaged is not a legitimate excuse for poor behavior. I think we feel best and do our best if we behave like the dignified and patient professionals we want to be. Letting other people’s poor behavior determine our behavior in not likely to be a good thing.

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