Japan’s Tsunami Shows Winners Don’t Quit

Image of The tsunamis of our lives affect our attitude - Winners Don't Quit AssociationHas a disabling tsunami-sized crash ever torn your life apart?

The disabling results of the Tsunami that destroyed much of Japan shows the adaptive resiliency that flows from a Winners Don’t Quit spirit.

Like Martin Luther King said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge.”

The motorcycle crash that disabled me shared many characteristics with the tsunami that disabled Japanese auto manufacturers. What the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami did to Japan, destroying many factories, causing severe losses and setbacks for Japanese auto manufactures reflected the crash that tore my life apart.

Although the quality, efficiency and longevity of the cars it produces is the ultimate measure of a car company, the fact that analysts say Toyota, Honda, and Nissan will be able to recover in the year ahead shows that the durability and tough resilience of Toyota and the other Japanese vehicles extends to the Winners Don’t Quit Attitudes of the people who stand behind them. In the same way, the resilience it required to have a Winners Don’t Quit Attitude through the years of therapy following my crash showed that I’m built of the same sturdy stuff.

Tsunamis and Motorcycle Crashes

Despite the huge differences between the Tsunami that disabled much of Japan and the motorcycle crash thatImage ofHow is your attitude affected by challenges - Winners Don't Quit Association disabled me, the similarities are too obvious to ignore. On the similarity level, the Tsunami that disabled many of Japan’s businesses and people was a large scale reproduction of the crash that disabled my life.

On the differences level, according to analysts, Japan’s car manufacturers and much of the country will “be able to recover” in the year ahead.” On the other hand, the doctors who analyzed my situation said that in most aspects I wouldn’t be recovering at all.

Winners Don’t Quit

Back again to the similarities shared, Japan’s reaction to their devastation showed they have an amazingly resilient  Winners Don’t Quit Attitude. Their determination to get their auto manufacturers back up and running so they can carry on their tradition of being the leading producer of reliable economy cars matches my own determination to get my life back together.

Although tsunamis and motorcycle crashes come in a million different shapes and effect everybody on some level, we mustn’t forget that news from the automotive world pales in significance to the tragedy that the Japanese people are currently enduring. Our hearts and sympathies, prayers and condolences go out to each and every one of them in this painful time of grief and loss.  Let’s pray that the Japanese people have a  Winners Don’t Quit spirit of adaptability as they rebuild their disabled lives and country.

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