Do It Anyway

Ashes + Attitudes = Stepping Stones.

I dropped my cane and threw my hand out, but only slightly slowed the concrete sidewalk speeding toward my face. “Argh!” I grunted, covering my right eye and rolling off the sidewalk onto the grass.

That day happened 25 or so years ago. but I remember the anger, resentment, self pity and fear that filled my mind like a swamp’s fog as I lay on the grass beside the sidewalk and gently rubbed my bruised and scraped forehead. My life had been a beautiful structure, but was now a pile of ashes.

Emotions are a Double Edged Blade

Besides my pain, I felt multiple emotions as I lay catching my breath:

  1. Determination to walk without the cane doctors said I’d always need and that I’d been holding off the ground in anticipation of walking without it.
  2. Discouragement as pain throbbed in my forehead and spread across my face.
  3. Embarrassment as a young lady and toddler in overalls hurried up the hill toward me.

“Are you OK, sir?” she anxiously asked as they drew near. A few steps behind her, the toddler stared at me but didn’t say anything.

I knew my speech impairment might cause a reaction, but I wanted to shrug the fall off like it was no big deal, “Oh yeah, I’m fine, I just tripped.”

My speech impairment stopped her in her tracks. The tyke hurrying after almost ran into her. She grabbed his hand. “Come on, Billy. He’s drunk!”

She marched off, pulling him after her. He looked back at me over his shoulder, but the woman put her hand on his head and kept walking away.

I looked at my fingers and wiped a little blood on the grass before struggling to my feet and trudging up the hill after them.The three short phrases, complete with voice inflections, my speech therapist gave came to mind.

Winners Don’t Quit!

  • WINNERS don’t quit!
  • Winners DON’T quit!!
  • Winners don’t QUIT!!!

Rehabilitation has been an education in the power of three Attitudes. The best thing about Attitudes is you can have whichever one you want.

The first essential Attitude is Accept the book you’ve been given. In other words, Live until you die.

  1. The second essential Attitude is Believe you can write a happy ending. In other words, Lighten up.
  2. The third essential Attitude is: Care about others. No one is an island, and what goes around comes around.

Our Attitudes are connected. What we say to others affects them and how we affect others is ultimately how we affect ourselves.

Winners Don’t Quit: Accepting, Believing and Caring.

My keynotes are a process of me unpacking the Winners Don’t Quit Attitude seeds.

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