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Diagnosis Cancer – A Step into the Unknown

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I naively thought that surviving a motorcycle crash that left me brain damaged and  with a paralysis disability but with a resilient spirit was enough to pretty much excuse me from having to deal with another life changing, or at least potentially life changing, crash.

Yet here I sit, diagnosed with prostate cancer, and it’s wider spread than they first thought. How bad it might be is still unknown, but the doctors’ worst prognosis is like a cake walk compared to my motorcycle crash, but still: Why me? I exercise, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water.  I haven’t drank alcohol or smoked anything for many years. So why me? Huh? What a stupid question! How could I ask something as ridiculous as ‘Why me?’ Why not me?

Your level of acceptance determines your level of resilience.

Immune to Life

Am I, or is anybody, immune to the things that make life what it is? No! Something I figured out a couple decades or so ago is that motorcycle crashes come in a million different shapes. And we don’t get to choose the shape, size, color or time of our crash.

Live life with a great attitude - Winners Don't Quit AssociationOne of my biggest wishes, one of the things I strive for and work toward, is to live until I die. As we all know, living is a lot more than breathing and having a pulse. To me, living, really living, means to enthusiastically approach the activities that make up each day and try to do my best.

Doing my best doesn’t mean I compare myself and my progress to anybody else and their progress, doing my best only means that I use my gifts, my assets, my abilities to do the best that I can do.

We’d All Do/Be More

Wayne is my Attitude Coach. Wayne is the man. Wayne survived a motorcycle crash a few years after I survived mine. Wayne hasn’t moved anything except his right arm and hand since his crash. He can not talk or swallow, but he smiles when he sees me. He’s my Attitude Coach.

He can barely hold two playing cards. We play blackjack and listen to Christian music CDs every week, sometimes more than once. We play until his hand’s too tired to hold the cards and then we talk for a while. I do most, but not all, of the talking. His face and eyes are quite expressive. He’s my Attitude Coach.

Have a gold medal attitude - Winners Don't Quit AssociationI’m half paralyzed, but compared to Wayne, I’m like an Olympic Gymnast. It’s impossible for me not to be thankful for my blessings when I think of Wayne. It’s impossible for me to feel sorry for myself when I remember the challenges of my Attitude Coach.

Wayne is the ultimate example of Acceptance and resilience. I’m on his team. He’s on my team. We’re teammates. He’s my Attitude Coach.

Doing my best also doesn’t refer to how fast or far I go. Doing my best refers to how many people I help along the way. If we all helped each other, we’d all go faster and further.


If you have a group, especially but not limited to cancer patients and people who care for or who have disabilities, that is looking for a humorous and fresh way to look beyond challenges and see possibilities, please visit our bookings page and fill out our initial questionnaire.




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