Speaking on the Power of the Mind

The Fertility of our Minds

Your Mind is the Key

The Attitudes in our minds are so powerful, they can change disabilities, or any other challenge, into opportunities.

Our minds are like a freshly plowed field. Owning that field, a farmer knows that whatever he plants in that land will grow. He can plant corn, or he can change his mind and plant poison ivy. Depending on his Attitude, he can plant anything.

Compare the human mind with the land because, like the land, the mind doesn’t much care what kind of thoughts you put into it. Whatever you plant, whether challenges or opportunities, will grow. Every day, depending on your choices, you are planting either challenges or opportunities.

Minds Grow Any Seed

Say the farmer with the seeds of corn and poison ivy digs two little holes in his field. In one, he plants the corn. In the other, the poison ivy. What will happen? Of course the land returns what was planted.

This is so true, it’s even in the Bible, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

Like your mind, the land doesn’t care what is planted. It will grow poison just as well as corn.

The mind grows it all

The human mind is even more fertile than soil, but it works the same way. It will grow either success or failure. A valuable and worthwhile goal or opportunity…or hate, anger, bitterness or other challenges. Whatever we plant will be returned to us.

So be careful what Attitudes you plant in your mind because you will see the results, whether they be disabling challenges or freeing opportunities.

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