Written testimonials received by Al …

“Al Foxx has one of the most unique stories I have ever heard. He will make you laugh, cry and think. If you get a chance to hear him speak (or read his books), stop what you are doing and run to sign up. You will thank me.

Al, you are truly making a difference in all the lives you touch.”

Mark Matteson
International Best Selling Author of Freedom From Fear, Keynote Speaker and Consultant.

Al Foxx is one of the most inspiring and moving speakers of any day. He has made me realize that to be happy, we need to focus on the things that we have instead of dwelling on the things that we don’t have.”

Patrick Snow
Patrick Snow–International Best Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

Dear Mr. Foxx

Thank you for your presentation on the topic of Winners Don’t Quit. Your message was well received by our student body.

You are living proof of how powerful the human mind can be when you focus it clearly on your goals.

Al Foxx captured the interest and attention of every student in the assembly and delivered a very important message-that Winners Don’t Quit no matter what obstacles are placed before them.

If you want to help motivate students to achieve their goals, from making it to class on time to performing on a WASL test, Al Foxx is an excellent choice as guest speaker.

Al Foxx takes his disabilities and turns them into an opportunity to use humor and hope to impact the way students think about their capabilities.
Hope these comments help promote the good work you are performing with students. Thank you for again for the presentation at our motivational assembly this September.


Wayne Hashiguchi Principal Michael Kelly Activity Coordinator/Dean of Students
Chief Sealth High School

To whom it may concern,

I had the pleasure of meeting Al Foxx as he presented, "Winners Don’t Quit" to the students at Lake Washington High School. During the presentation Al mixed his personal story of tragedy, honesty, determination and humor in order to help students understand what can happen when a young person makes poor choices and then works to overcome difficulties.

Al describes and tells his story of a decision gone badly and how he has been able to turn a tragedy into triumph by deciding to be a winner and never quitting.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to present many speakers to my students and I would consider Al to be one of the best in the business. I believe that Al’s message is appropriate for students of any culture and age.

If you are looking for a speaker who can cause students to take a close look at their life and captivate them into making better decisions, then I would recommend Al’s presentation to your school.

Mark Enoch Robertson Principal
Lake Washington High School

Dear Al

I want to thank you for your recent humorous and informational talk on Disability Awareness to the Department of Labor and Industries. Over 220 people attended and their reviews were excellent. The story of your perseverance in your recovery was wonderfully told and I believe demonstrates what an amazing person you are.

While you are very funny guy and your personal story was fascinating, your straightforward behavioral recommendations about how to relate with respect to individuals with disabilities were most important.

Agency staff with disabilities and parents and relatives of folks who are disabled said they thought they knew it all but you taught them and made them laugh at the same time.
As a Special Events Chairperson, my plan for Disability Awareness month was to offer a unique event that could educate and entertain, a large number of our staff.

While my recommendation that a comedian could educate and change behavior was at first questioned as an effective agency wide training program, all those that attended felt that the disability awareness training and the humor break in the workday was a wonderful and educational experience.

Increased awareness of diversity helps our staff in their work with customers, with their families, and with their community. It is an excellent service that you offer and one any organization wishing to educate themselves on disability awareness would greatly benefit from.

Thank you again,

Pat Delaney Special Events Committee
State of Washington - Dept. of Labor & Industries

Dear Mr. Foxx:

On behalf of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), I thank you for participating in the recent 2003 National Customer Service Conference - Service First: Catch the Spirit! in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The information from your presentation “Disabled - Not Dysfunctional” and plenary session will be an ongoing benefit to CMS and our many partners as we strive to provide premier customer service to our Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

The conference planners and I greatly appreciate your contribution to the success of the conference, and we look forward to partnering with you in the future to improve the health care quality of those we serve.


Linda A. Ruiz Regional Administrator, Seattle Western Consortium Administrator
Department Of Health & Human Services Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Dear Mr. Foxx:

On behalf of all of us at the Brain Injury Association of Washington and the nearly 300 people who attended BIAWA’S Annual Conference on October 17,1998, I want to thank you for the excellent comedy routine that you performed at the conclusion of the conference.
Your half hour program was the culmination of a conference that offered education and hope. Your presentation provided comic relief, laughter and insight into not only brain injury, but into life.
I hope that you had an opportunity to see the expressions on the faces that you were entertaining. You, through your comedy, touched upon the pain and difficulties that people face in a way that brought laughter and joy.

Thumbs up were evident all around the room.

You touched many lives on October 17th, mine included. Thank you for the gift of laughter that you provided. You are an inspiration and received rave reviews from all in attendance.

If I can assist you in any way, please contact me at 425-895-0047.

With Warmest Regards,

John W. Andrews, Executive Director
Brain Injury Association of Washington

Leota Junior High

Dear Al:

Thank you for an excellent presentation at Leota Junior High School. Your accomplishments are very impressive. It was amazing to see you hold the attention of over seven hundred junior high school students. The students are still talking about your wonderful sense of humor and wisdom. You shared a powerful personal message that students could internalize. The "A, B, C’s" and tips for "Keeping Your Self-Esteem Bucket Full" were right on target for adolescents who struggle with self-esteem issues. You are a role model for both students and staff.

I also personally appreciated the extra time you took to help the student who was upset with some other students following the assembly. Even though her issue had nothing to do with you, you became an invaluable resource. You helped her put the problem in perspective. In fact, I think you made her day because you reminded her to believe in herself. It is not often that an assembly presenter will go out of his or her way to help an individual student.

It was a pleasure to have you at Leota. Your enthusiasm, energy, sincerity, and talent shined! I wish you continued success!

Sharon Williamson

Sharon Williamson Principal
Leota Junior High

Police Department

Dear Al:

I can not thank you enough for coming into my SCOPE (Schools and Cops Opting for Positive Education) class and sharing your story, your humor and your powerful message with my students.

I still have kids coming up to me and saying, "WINNERS DON’T QUIT". They also mention to me how much they enjoyed hearing your story and how it has inspired them to begin seeing their problems as challenges rather than calamities.

I spend the majority of my time with the kids trying to show them the power of their choices and decisions and everything I have said and done is wrapped up into your inspiring story. You tell the kids the story of the devastating choice you made and then show them the awesome power of all the good decisions you have made since.

I know my students well and can tell you honestly that they heard your message and will carry it with them for a long time, some of them maybe even forever.

I wanted to write you this letter to thank you and to let you know that I am very glad that our paths crossed and that I plan on making you a permanent part of the SCOPE curriculum.
Thanks again and I will see you very soon I’m sure. Best of luck in all you do Al.

Officer Terry Whalen

Kirkland Police Department Student Resource Officer @ Lake Washington and Juanita High School
City of Kirkland

City of Kirkland Police Dept.

Dear Al:

I just wanted to send you a brief note of thanks for being a recent quality role model addition to the Departments SCOPE program.

I enjoyed the thoughtful, humorous, and provocative presentation you delivered recently to students at Lake Washington High School. Your presentation skills kept the kids, and me, actively engaged and focused on your primary message of "choices and consequences" and how simple choices can have life-long impacts.

Thanks again for sharing your message and agreeing to being a continuing partner in our SCOPE program. Your efforts are
very much appreciated.

Pleas J. Green
Chief of Police

City of Kirkland Police Dept.
Chief of Police

Duvall Police Department
Chief of Police

Mr. Foxx

A Hearty "Thank You" for your very effective key note speech at our DARE culmination ceremonies.

Your vivid insight into the choices that people make was very dramatic. You have the ability to personalize that message much better than any officer, educator or parent ever could. Your physical presentation lends a very powerful image to your talk.

Your message of self-esteem is very encouraging and is right on target. You are able to effectively show that "how we view ourselves" is critical in creating and maintaining positive self-esteem.

A major point of our DARE program is to show kids that the decisions they make today can be very, very important later in life.

Your presentation really brings that point home.

Once again, Thanks.

Glenn E. Menyman Chief of Police
Duvall Police Department

Al just did this presentation last week, so we have not received an official letter yet, but here are some comments by participants.

Terrific, funny, very deep message when you got through laughing. I thought about my attitude toward individuals with disability and prognostications all the way home.

Refreshing and renewing for those who work with individuals with disability or professionals in rehabilitation!

The winners don’t quit message was important, especially being sensitive to focusing on a person’s positives, the need for self acceptance, caution with predictive statements that either lower expectations or “put people in a box”….individual motivation needs more attention by diagnosticians…adaptive or resilient behaviors are not cut and dry.

College aged students particularly enjoyed the “humor is the best medicine” element of the talk…
Overall, people were pleased, amused and enjoyed attending this event…

Dr. Bern Graney
Dept of Rehabilitation

Dr. Bern Graney Dept of Rehabilitation
Springfield College-New York

Dear Mr. Foxx,

Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational message with the students of Tacoma Community College. Our students really appreciated you taking time out of your schedule to come.

Your message about looking below the surface and S.A.C.K.ing people was particularly inspirational. We would highly recommend you to any other college. You were a wonderful speaker and we hope to work with you again in the future. Thanks again.

Lisa Sullivan
Kisha Twitty
Adam Flores
Student Programs Multicultural/Educational Team

Tacoma Community College
Student Programs Multicultural/Educational Team

Dear Al,

The Islander Cultural Alliance and Disabilities Center of Texas A&M-Corpus Christi was thrilled to have you speak at our campus on October 27. Disabilities Awareness Month a very critical opportunity to educate people and make them realize what it means to be person with a disability.

Your talk was informative, humorous, emotional, and most of all helped send the message that having a disability is just a minor obstacle toward leading a productive life.

All of the attendees gained a better understanding of how to approach and treat people with disabilities; as well an outline for goal setting that can be applied to any one, whether or not they have a disability.

Your informational sheets about disabilities will be available and on display in our office. Thank you for gracing us with your appearance and we hope to work with you again in the future.

Taposh Rudra
President, Islander Cultural Alliance

Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi
Taposh Rudra President, Islander Cultural Alliance

SAGE-An organization of retired Christian business men

Dear Al,

The SAGE Valentine Banquet held on Sunday, February 11, in the Best Western Hotel in Fife Washington, was a joy to attend. The barbershop quartet and the inspiring, humorous 35 minute presentation you gave largely contributed to the success of this event.

The standing ovation you received was well deserved. Your parents, who were in attendance, must have been greatly moved by the response of this large audience to your presentation.

My wife and I and all the SAGE officers wish for you the best Al, as you so capably relate to life as it is for you today. You are an inspiration!

Most warmly yours,
Robert B. Grady
SAGE President

Robert B. Grady SAGE President
SAGE-An organization of retired Christian business men

Renton River Days
City of Renton
Mayor Tanner

Dear Mr. Dover

I had the pleasure of hearing Al Foxx, founder of the Winners Don't Quit Association, provide an inspirational and motivational speech at a kick-off banquet for IKEA Renton River Days.

Mr. Foxx shared his often humorous and always touching account of relearning to walk, talk, and drive after a traumatic motorcycle accident caused a brain injury and left him partially paralyzed.

Mr. Foxx had the unique ability of connecting with the audience, and they in turn responded to his message of creating a positive environment, believing that individuals have the power to overcome anything, and not to give up because of obstacles.

The standing ovation he received at the 2002 IKEA Renton River Days Banquet is a testament to his courage, sense of humor, and positive outlook. He is a true winner!

Whether speaking in schools or the workplace, I believe that Mr. Foxx's message will bring a fresh point of view to living and working along side people with disabilities.

Jesse Tanner

IKEA Renton River Days

On behalf of IKEA Renton River Days, I would like to extend appreciation for the involvement of Al Foxx as our feature entertainment at our festival's 17th Annual Kick-Off Banquet, which was held at Maplewood Greens in Renton.

Al's performance was well received by the audience; he invited us into his realm of experiences, memories, and reflections while finding humor, warmth, antidotes and irony in his theme of Winners Don't Quit. Al also found numerous opportunities to connect with several tables of guests based on their reactions - this interaction generated another level of participation and enabled the synergy in the room to flourish. The audience's standing ovation represented appreciation, joy, and warm regards to thank Al for his candor, and to wish him well in his endeavors.

Sonja K. Mejlaender
Festival Coordinator

Mayor Tanner
Renton River Days City of Renton

Western MA Training Consortium
Self Advocacy Network

Dear Al Foxx,

We would like to thank you for taking the time to be a keynote speaker at our annual Self-Advocacy conference on April 2, 2005. It was a pleasure having you.

Your presentation was relevant and very helpful to our Self-Advocates. We want to express our sincere appreciation for the time and effort you put into the presentation.

Attached is the evaluation of your presentation and the conference.
You honestly made this a memorable experience for all of us.
Thank you again!


Mary Crimmins
President of Self-Advocacy Network

Bill Hurley
President of Leadership Through Advocacy

Al's presentation evaluation was (23) Excellent, (12) Good, (0) Fair, (0) Poor
Al had the highest amount of excellent out of all the speakers.

Mary Crimmins President of Self-Advocacy Network
Western MA Training Consortium Self Advocacy Network

Midland Empire Resources for Independent Living

Dear Mr. Foxx:

Thank you for your presentation at our annual NO MORE STARES CONFERENCE. Persons with disabilities, their families, their support staff, and social service professionals all found something in your presentation which touched a nerve, whether it was a better understanding of disabilities or the feeling that finally they knew someone understood.

The message that "Winners Don't Quit" was exactly the message the conference tries o convey. May you never have another crash of any shape or size and may you find all the open doors you seek.


Marilyn Finney
Steering Committe Chair

Marilyn Finney Steering Committe Chair
Midland Empire Resources for Independent Living

"I absolutely enjoyed this guest speaker. He spoke of things that impact us all, whether you are a disabled individual or not. After listening to Al, it makes our little problems seem truly petty."

"Al Foxx was a very good speaker with a great message about not giving up and believing in people. I liked how he related disabilities to just differences in people which we deal with everyday in and outside of work."

"I enjoyed Mr. Foxx. He is a living testament to what I tell my kids, set your goals and don't let someone else stand in the way of them."

"Awesome presentation. Al is a remarkable guy!"

"Great job in speaker selection. Al's message was delivered effectively and humorously. Please continue to focus in on the real diversity issues. Less fluff and more events like this!"

"He was very funny. Very interesting to listen to."

John Deere Credit Dept

Costco Wholesale

As a winner who didn’t quit, he has first hand experience.

Al Foxx, founder of the winners Don’t Quit Association, came to our Corporate headquarters to speak to the employees during what we call the Brown Bag lunch hour from 12 to 1. During that hour, he touched the hearts of everyone there as he shared his story of relearning to walk, talk, work, and drive a car after he survived a brain injury and partial paralysis as the result of a traumatic motor cycle accident at age 19. His humorous accounts of how people have responded to him since his accident will delight you but at the same time cause you to examine your own response to co-workers and others with disabilities.

Al knows what people with disabilities want others to know about them. His challenge as he spoke to us was
1) to not lose heart or give up because of obstacles,
2) to appreciate our own as well as others’ differences,
3) to believe in your heart that you have the power to overcome anything,
4) to do your best to create a happy and positive environment with everyone around you.

From speaking in high schools to the workplace, Al will bring a refreshing perspective to living and working along side people with disabilities.


Fran Hooper, Training and Employee Development
Costco Wholesale

St George Parish School

Thank you for speaking to the St. George graduating class of 2006.

I am so glad I chose you to be our inspirational speaker. You were insightful, wise and funny. Our students were very impressed.

Thank you again and God bless you with the work you do. I am passing on some comments from the class.

Linda Jordan,
Room Parent
St. George Parish School
Cornerstone Services, Inc. Chicago, Illinois

Quotes from Students at St. George Parish School
“He was very uplifting. He was funny and positive. He made sure that what he was saying appealed to us and that we understood the importance of pushing ourselves to our goals.”

“He never gave up. He was a pretty funny guy too. He was also very passionate.

“Al Foxx was very inspiring to me. He taught me to accept myself for who I am, not what I was or will be.”

“I learned that sometimes you don’t get things right the first time….to never give up.”

“Al Foxx was an impressive motivational speaker. He proved every doctor that worked on him wrong. They said he wouldn’t walk, talk, or drive a car but he is now doing all 3 and is getting better. Winners don’t quit.”

“Al Foxx. Wise metaphors. Really made me think, left an impression. Funny.”

“I admired Al Foxx. Some inspirational speakers talk about things they’ve seen happen to other people but Al Foxx actually spoke from his experience so he was real; genuine. I loved the way he incorporated humor with his past situations, that was funny. My favorite quote, “Thy will, not mine, be done.”

“Al Foxx is a funny man with lots of enthusiasm. I learned that if something is bothering you, you can change it. He helped me realize that I have a pretty good life. P.S. Thank You!”

“Al Foxx was not afraid to admit that he is not like the rest of us, only he made it funny. I enjoyed listening to his stories and could understand him just fine! Thank you for making our retreat fun.”

“He was great and would never quit. He always had a few jokes and stories to keep us interested. He was very inspiring, never quitting even with the odds against him.”

“Al Foxx was very compassionate about his talk to Christian children.”

“He was very inspirational. His story touched my heart. His “Don’t Quit” speech was the only thing keeping me going on the rock wall.”

Graduating class of 2006.
St. George Parish School

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend Al Foxx as a speaker for an organization or agency. Mr. Foxx recently spoke at our October 2005 Disability Employment Awareness Month diversity program at the Department of Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System, sponsored by the Equal Employment Opportunity Office, and hosted by our People with Disabilities Special Emphasis Program.

Employees and patients at our Seattle division had the opportunity to attend Al’s performance, and each group of attendees found useful and inspirational information in Al’s presentation. Since the program, I have received an overwhelming number of positive comments about Al, and specifically about his ability to address his situation with humor and grace.
Although many of the employees in attendance are health-care providers, and daily work with disabled veteran patients; they expressed a new appreciation of their patients’ experiences, frustrations and triumphs.

Many patients (and specifically those enrolled in our alcohol and drug dependency programs) informed me that they now realized that their own problems seemed minor, when compared to Al’s challenge and successful rehabilitation. These patients mentioned that they planned to chant Al’s mantra “Winners don’t quit, winners don’t quit, winners don’t quit,” if and when they encountered obstacles during their own treatment process.

Most importantly, Al’s message served to remind us of the purpose of our event: that we recognize the intellect, skills, abilities and contributions of people with disabilities; and our commitment to helping them achieve their full inclusion in our workforce.


Diane B. Anderson, J.D.
Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity Manager

Department of Veteran Affairs
Puget Sound Health Care System

Al Foxx,
I want to express to you my deep satisfaction and gratitude for your presentation in March of 2009 to the St Clair County Community Mental Health staff.

The response by all levels of the several hundred staff in attendance was overwhelming. The content of your message was matched by the way in which it was delivered. For many years in our County, we have been trying to point out that “I am not my disability”. Your presence in our community put the exclamation point on that concept.

Using your life story as an example you delivered such provocative and moving stories of recovery and discovery. For many of us it was reminder of the enormous resilience of the human spirit.

Thank you for allowing us to learn from your experience.

Michael McCartan
Executive Director St Clair County Community Mental Health (phone 810-985-8900)

Michael McCartan Executive Director
St Clair County MI Community Mental Health (phone 810-985-8900)

Dear Mr. Foxx:

On behalf of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), I thank you for participating in the recent 2003 National Customer Service Conference - Service First: Catch the Spirit! in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The information from your presentation “Disabled - Not Dysfunctional” and plenary session will be an ongoing benefit to CMS and our many partners as we strive to provide premier customer service to our Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

The conference planners and I greatly appreciate your contribution to the success of the conference, and we look forward to partnering with you in the future to improve the health care quality of those we serve.

Linda A. Ruiz
Regional Administrator, Seattle
Western Consortium Administrator

Department Of Health & Human Services
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Dear Mr. Foxx,

I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for being the guest speaker for our Black History Month Observance at Seattle Military Entrance Processing Station. Your remarks were both inspiring and very sincere--I can’t imagine an organization that would not benefit from your presentation. Your message reminded us that "different" does not mean "inferior" and that if we wish to be respected, we must respect others. My staff and I appreciated the important role you played in our event and I am certain that the benefits to this organization will be long term. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Ann H. Rennie

Naval Undersea Warefare Center, Division Keyport, Poulsbo, Washington

Department of Defense
Seattle Military Entrance Processing Station

Al is one of the most inspirational and motivating speakers I've ever heard. If you can book him for your event, do so before someone else takes your date.

Howard Howell
That Sales Guy

Winners Don't Quit Association
12515 NE 145th Pl D-130 KirklandWA98034 USA 
 • 206-453-2572