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Unexpected Life Changes

Unexpected Life Changes – Asset or Liability How comfortable are you with change? “Nothing heals like the power of a true story. When someone is speaking from the inside of an event, they are speaking from a personal authority that pierces the veil of darkness. On the other side of that veil lies the light of hope, for […]

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Disabilities Dance Anyway

On a spiritual level, dancing can magically transform disabilities into abilities. Dancing breathes new life into a tired soul, makes a spirit soar, unleashes locked-away creativity, unites generations and cultures, inspires new romances or rekindles old ones, triggers long-forgotten memories, and turns sadness into joy, if only during the dance. Dancing can even motivate us […]

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Vaccinations or the flu?
Why even ask?

Vaccinate your Attitude

Attitudes get Challenged When life gets rough, sometimes gratitude is the only antidote. Caring about others is a sure source of gratitude. It won’t quit raining. The storm keeps coming. Getting our Attitude vaccinated with gratitude helps us to dance in the rain. Sounds hokey. How does gratitude vaccinate our Attitudes? (more…)

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