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.I think I was aware of their influence, on some level, before corresponding with Paul Van den Brande – The 4PL Coach from a Management Group in Bruges Area, Belgium, – on LinkedIn, but I lacked the vocabulary and the awareness to articulate the following limitations regarding Attitude.

Although my teacher from Belgium shared with me the following capitalized Attitude barriers, PaulVan den Brande’s thoughts are likely much deeper and more clear than mine, so I feel responsible for telling my readers that the thoughts about how these Attitudes affect me are my own.

Attitudes that Block Effectiveness

What I now understand more clearly is that there are five Attitudes or thought patterns that limit my peaceful efficiency. To the extent I eliminate these barrier-creating Attitudes, I am free to feel positive Attitudes that motivate me to do the most I can in the best way I can.

Judgment & Non-Acceptance

My most obvious Attitude oversight that PaulVan den Brande’s capitalized Attitudes clarified for me is that almost to the precise extent I feel inadequate in any particular area, I am JUDGMENTAL and NON-ACCEPTING especially in that area, but also in other areas.

In other words, when performing stand-up comedy or lifting weights at the health club or working on my book, having feelings of inadequacy toward what I’m producing in my current activity results in my being critical toward others. On the other hand, feeling competent moves me to be complimentary and helpful.

Balance Dependence Attitudes

The tendency to be overly DEPENDENT can appear under the guise of friendship. While friendships can come from relationships of DEPENDENCE, and friendships can evolve into relationships of DEPENDENCE, true friendships exist without DEPENDENCE and they exist in spite of DEPENDENCE.


The two Attitudes I use to eliminate negative and potentially devastating Attitudes are the Attitudes of HUMILITY and ACCEPTANCE. When I can HUMBLY ACCEPT the cards life deals me, the likelihood of my feeling inadequate is considerably less. And the likelihood of my feeling adequate is greatly increased.

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