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Your Opinion Matters More

It’s a 45 minute presentation focusing on overcoming thoughts of defeatism, superiority and inferiority. This presentation strengthens students self worth and shows them the personal advantages of strengthening other people’s level of confidence.

It is suitable for a single classroom or a large assembly.


Help junior and senior high school students—

1) Believe so strongly in self that what others say about them can’t hurt them.

2) Understand the personal advantages of respecting and appreciating others.


1) We see the surface, the outside of people, the part where we’re all different. This presentation shows us that on the inside, where our dreams, worries and fears are, we’re all the same. Also pointed out is another reason why we should all care about others?

2) We are all different. That’s OK. Different does not mean less. Why is it hard to accept people who are different? What are the advantages of excepting others?

3) We each have a self-concept we identify as “I AM” that we believe, as: “I am pretty, I am smart, stupid, shy. I am not popular.” How does this affect us?


Eleanor Roosevelt said: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. 


A key purpose of this talk is for listeners to gain such a strong identity that no matter what a bully says to them or writes about them can not disturb their self-confidence. We all like to be approved of. Being approved of is nice, but no one is really free until they are free of the need to be approved of.

Going from the type of guy with the friends and possessions any teen would love to being a paralyzed guy with a lifelong disability who, for years, couldn’t even keep himself from drooling let alone walk or talk or have meaningful relationships to an international speaker with many meaningful relationships, I know what it takes to strengthen a weak sense of self worth.

Click here to let me show your students how to build a bully-proof sense of self while building a strong community they are glad to be part of.

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