Speech on Change

Attitude Change

Change that Attitude!

Is your attitude an asset or a liability? Before I came out of my coma and saw that my crash changed everything, I didn’t think I needed to change my Attitude.

I thought I had a great Attitude. Why wouldn’t I? I had the kind of life, job, friends, car, motorcycle, ski equipment and girlfriend/fiance most teenagers would have loved. All that changed when my helmet cracked against the side of that stop sign running pickup. As the years have passed, my Attitudes have mellowed.

It’s amazing how changing our priorities can automatically change our Attitudes.

We can not always control or change what happens to us or the situation we find ourselves in, but we can always control our Attitude regarding the changing or unchanging situations we’re faced with.

It’s amazing how prominent my problems are when my Attitude is negative. It’s even more amazing how my problems either disappear or become small enough to adapt to when my Attitude changes to positive.

Change Control?

Because of my rehab experience, my speech on change takes into account that most people don’t care how good of an excuse we have for overreacting to changes forced on us. Making excuses, and even apologizing sincerely for negative reactions to change, can be a waste of breath and a form of self deception.

It’s not that people don’t care!  Many people do care. Its just that most people are so concerned about circumstances and changes that affect them that they don’t have the time or energy to be very concerned about changes that only affect others. If your concerns are going to make their loads heavier than you are probably not someone they want to spend much time with.

Accepting Change

There are an infinite number of changes, disabling accidents, death of loved ones, extended unemployment, to name only a few, that life randomly throws at us. It is therefore clear that in order for us to be consistently and dependably content with our lot, we must accept life on life’s terms. How else can we be happy?

Since it is unlikely that either you or I will ever be able to control people, places, things or situations, it is clear that if we’re to be happy, we better accept those things outside of us by focusing on changing what needs to be changed in us and in our Attitudes.


Originally published Oct 2010

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