Winners Don’t Quit

 Winners Don’t Quit

This is Al’s signature keynote. He shares his life story in a way that helps people believe in their own possibilities.

Note: A marketing packet, PowerPoint, and handouts are available for this keynote presentation.

Learning Objectives:

1. Audiences are inspired to believe in their own possibilities.

2. Audiences learn to change external circumstances by changing internal realities.

To deal with the aftermath of his life changing motorcycle crash, Al developed a powerful formula for  living happy.   A simplified version of the formula he elaborates on and mixes humor into is as easy as A-B-C.

Learning our ABCs.

Acceptthe book you have been given-live until you die.

  • Be open to learning new ways to read and write.
  • Developing new abilities strengthens your confidence to write a happy ending.
  • Focus on what you have, not on what you don’t have.

Believeyou can write a happy ending-lighten up.

Transform your external circumstances by first transforming your internal reality. A couple of quick steps in creating a pleasant personal reality are:

  • Trust that whatever you are experiencing right now is exactly right for you right now.
  • Lighten up! Don’t take yourself so seriously.

These two steps are key to Believing you have the power to endure anything and you have the right to live a life that includes laughing  and loving.

Care …about others.

  • Caring about others, paying attention to them, is the greatest gift we are privileged to give.
  • Caring about someone besides ourselves changes our focus, so we can write happy endings.

Because winners don’t quit Accepting, Believing and Caring, they treat other people  like they’re winners, too.





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