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Delighting in Differences

Al Foxx provides an inspirational presentation for organizations that want to embrace diversity awareness. The 5 A’s of Delighting in Differences is a diversity formula for compassionate and respectful relationships in the workplace. The 5 A’s: Attention, Acceptance, Appreciation, Affection and Allowing are the key elements of the presentation. By integrating The 5 A’s in the workplace, Al shows you how you can create an environment where your co-workers have a good attitude and the confidence to learn and succeed at their job!

 Winners Don’t Quit

Al Foxx’s signature keynote Winners Don’t Quit inspires audiences to believe in their own possibilities. When you understand Al’s A (accept) B (believe) C (care) formula, you will not let yourself or others put limits on who and what you can be and do. Digging into his past life as a standup comic, Al mixes drama-relieving LOL humor into rehabilitation stories that prove a positive attitude and teamwork are unbeatable forces. Audiences hear the challenges Al overcame and believe, “If he can do it, so can I!”

Al tickles audiences with his humor and slays hearts with true life stories that highlight the extreme struggles he overcame by focusing on and appreciating what he still has, not what he lost. Physicians told him he would never walk without assistance, talk understandably, or drive legally, but he pushed past these set boundaries. Al’s strong human spirit and authentic humorous responses to life are what makes his Winners Don’t Quit presentation unique, laugh out loud funny and unforgettably authentic.

Winners Don’t Quit is for people who are ready to bring their game to the next level. Is that you? With a correctly built attitude strategy, you can do so much more than you ever thought possible!

HOPE changes Everything

Few things are more ethereal than hope. Hope isn’t tangible or measurable, but the positive physiological effects of hope are well-documented. Belief and expectation, the key elements of hope, can block pain by releasing endorphins into the brain. Hope has power enough to buffer us from the anxiety and stress of life.

Hopeful people stress less. They create visions that sustain them, giving them strength to recover from setbacks that crush people without hope. After experiencing brain damage from a life-altering motorcycle crash, having hope was essential for Al Foxx’s successful rehabilitation journey. Hope provided him the extra spark he needed to want to work through enormous challenges and to continue to work toward the goals that would bring back his life.

Built on the same framework as Al’s signature keynote Winners Don’t Quit, Hope Changes Everything focuses on the strength that hope gives us. Hope Changes Everything, by following examples taken from Al’s rehab journey, gives people facing challenges the real facts on hope and the inspiration they need to meet their challenges head on.

Sing Anyway

If you can’t sing a song, be a song.

Al’s testimony is a story of how his relationship with the God of his understanding gives him hope, so he can confidently turn his life over to Him. Before accepting God’s plan, Al lived his life on self will. Accepting God’s plan for his life was the path Al took to discovering the joy and confidence God has for people who trust Him with their lives. After years of trying, it was clear to Al that he could not depend on his own plan—his plan was not enough. Sing Anyway describes how this once self-sufficient man had to experience bitterness, self contempt and fear before realizing his need to depend on God’s plan.

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