Sing Anyway

A Crash Course in Accepting Gods Plan

If you can’t sing, be the song.

Al’s story is a song. When it begins, the tempo is happy, strong and busy. Al is a physically active and mentally alert hot tar roofer. A few days before his 19th birthday, his Yamaha 650 Special crashes into a truck that ran a stop sign. Life’s tempo changed. Al lost the use of the left side of his previously strong body, and his voice when his vocal chords fused together during his month long coma. Dark depression, resentment and self pity replaced his happy, joyous freedom.

Ordinary People

“I am not an ordained pastor nor a Bible teacher. I’m just a Christian guy with an inspiring, funny and true story about being a prisoner in a broken body that God is in the process of setting free. Before my crash, and for quite a while afterward, I reinforced my `prisoner’ status by being concerned mainly with myself.”

“God used my 30+ years of rehab to teach me about winners, sweet spots and confident freedom.

God taught me:

– “Winners live in that sweet spot because they know Its not all about them.

– Winners live in that sweet spot because they Care about others.

– Winners live in that sweet spot because they Know how to love and be loved.

– Winners live in that sweet spot because they “Treat others like they’re also Winners.

– Winners smile because they have a happy, joyous freedom.

He hasn’t brought me this far to drop me now. “These realizations and James 1:2-4 and 2:14 are why my story is appropriately called: Sing Anyway.

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