Speaking on the Power of Belief

Believing is Creating

I've Still Got It

Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your value becomes your destiny.  Mahatma Gandhi

Have you ever wanted to create a new you, a YOU that you could be proud of?  A new YOU that had such a clear and obvious understanding of human relationships that you inspired confidence in others?

Let’s say you were born with blue lenses permanently covering your eyes. Everything you saw, including your own reflection had a blue tint. Say that what you thought of as reality was not the same reality everybody else saw. Just saying…

Is Your Self Belief Valid?

What do you believe about yourself? Is what you believe about you what everybody else believes about you? I don’t believe you need to worry what other people are thinking about you. All I’m saying is getting along with others is easier if you have an accurate idea of how they see you.

Imagine seeing everything including yourself with a blue tint. Imagine all you ever saw was life with a blue tint, would you believe it? Of course you would. Why wouldn’t you? It’s your lens, your reality. It’s the reality in which you live.

You might say, I know myself better than anyone. Who knows me better than I do? This seems like believable logic, but psychologists and psychiatrists tell us that the hardest person to evaluate objectively is ourselves.

As long as you believe that the world is blue, you’ll continue missing all the other beautiful colors that the world has to offer, unless you change your lens.

Our Beliefs Create Our Perceptions

Our beliefs about ourselves work exactly the same way! They filter out or minimize everything we experience, whether it’s being praised for a job well done or judged for the type of clothes we wear, that isn’t consistent with our self beliefs. Your beliefs about you determine how you experience the world in which you live.

Know reality. Do whatever you can to remove your tinted lenses.

Like Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.”

Removing your lens makes it possible to believe the truth about yourself and others.  Reality is easier to deal with and more beautiful when not subjected to the interpretation of a colored lens.


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