Speaking on Gratitude

Why Choose Gratitude?

Give Thanks Always

In this world of problems and other disabilities, having an Attitude of gratitude is absolutely essential.

Choosing gratitude wakes up our gratitude muscles. Choosing to focus on our blessings, with thanksgiving, builds on itself and snowballs until we almost don’t even notice the assorted crashes life sends our way.

Choosing to focus on our blessings is the easiest way to overcome the two biggest, most disabling, gratitude killers.

Gratitude Killers

  • Complaining. Have you ever noticed how complaining about one aspect of something gets the juices going and pretty soon you have several more things you can add to the simmering complaint stew?
  • Comparison. Another way to diminish your satisfaction or grow the size of your problems is to start comparing them to either the blessings or the obstacles other people have.

Unless you are actively helping someone through a tough time, or are employed as their accountant, it is probably healthier for you to not be concerned with the state of their possessions or problems. What business are they of yours?

Gratitude Givers

  • Attitudes we choose. Experiencing more gratitude can be as simple as choosing to change the things we focus on. Choosing gratitude, to be thankful for things we have instead whining about the things we don’t have may be simple, but it isn’t always easy. To make it easier, build up momentum. The more you do it, the easier it will get.
  • Acknowledgement is key. Especially in the beginning stages of building an Attitude of Gratitude, it is essential to not let any reason to feel grateful slip by you. Choose to acknowledge and feel grateful for every blessing you have.

Three Sources of Gratitude:

  • Choosing a thankful Attitude by choosing to be thankful for specific blessings.
  • Find someone to help. Doing service work for others, caring about others, is a reliable source of gratitude. Tap into it.
  • Living in cooperation with others, helping and being helped by others provides relationships to be thankful for.

Overcome your disabilities, whatever they may be, by developing the gratitude habit. If you’re not disabled by anything, you are probably already grateful. Are you in the habit of expressing it? Whatever habits we nurture will  become stronger. Nurture gratitude for it’s a habit worth keeping.

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