Speaking on Disabilities and Belief

Is Your Self Belief Valid?

Image of How do you see yourself - Winners Don't Quit AssociationSay you were born with disabilities or with a dark lenses covering your eyes. Everything you saw or believed about yourself was either tinted or in someway askew. Say you didn’t know that what you believed was not the same reality everybody else believed.

Imagine being told there are certain things that were physically impossible for you. If that’s all you ever heard, would you believe it? Of course. Why wouldn’t you?

Reality, of course, could be something very different! But not you’re reality. Not the reality you believed in.

You might say, I know myself better than anyone. Who knows me better than I do? This seems like believable logic, but psychologists and psychiatrists tell us that the hardest person to evaluate objectively is ourselves.

There’s Power in Belief

As long as you believe that the world is gray, you’ll miss lots of beautiful colors. As long as you believe people don’t like you, as long as you believe you don’t have anything to offer, you’ll find evidence to back up those beliefs.

Remember the myth around the four-minute mile? People believed it was impossible for a human being to run a mile in less than four minutes, but Roger Banister did it in 1954. Within a year, 37 other runners did it. And the next year, 300 more runners did it. They were no longer held back by the belief that it was impossible.

Imagine seeing everything through a mental telescope that is focused on your limitations. With those beliefs, would it be possible to realize your full potential at whatever you were doing?

Beliefs Create Perceptions

Image of telescope - Winners Don't Quit Association

Believe in Possibilities

There is not a more powerful force on this planet than the power of belief. Our beliefs have the power to create and to destroy. What we believe can give us a life of peace or a life of chaos.

Have you heard of the placebo effect? Told a drug will have a certain effect, people will often experience that effect even when given a sugar pill that has no medicinal properties.

Since our beliefs determine how much of our potential we can tap, we should examine our beliefs carefully. Do you believe that you can excel in whatever you do? Do you believe you are smart? Do you believe people like you? Do you believe life is full of opportunities or limitations? What are your beliefs about your strong points and about your disabilities? Can your strong points balance out or even overcome your disabilities?

Beliefs are not right or wrong. Beliefs are either empowering or limiting. Beliefs are based on past experiences and may be different for different people. Our behaviors are based on our beliefs. To change a particular behavior, change the beliefs behind that behavior and a new behavior results.

Which of your beliefs are enabling and empowering and which of your beliefs are disabling and limiting?

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