Speaking on Cancer Symptoms

Cancer–How Bad Is It?

Sun coming through the blinds seemed to pry my eyelids open. I still remember how frustrated then shocked and scared I felt as it dawned on me that I was in a hospital bed, unable to move.

Acceptance of myself and my situation requires me to do at least two things. The first is to make the most of the abilities I still have which includes hobble along with my cane and exercising. The second key to accepting my situation is learning my ABCs.

  • Accept the Book I’ve Been Given
  • Believe I Can Write a Happy Ending
  • Care About Myself by Caring About others

That time, I had no chance to prepare for the biggest and most sudden change I imagine an athletic young man can experience. This time, I have family and friends and a church of 2500+ praying for me and helping me prepare for my upcoming battle and recovery. The outcome is still unknown, and my primary care physician cautions me that it may not be as easy as I’m seeming to think it will be.

Am I Prepared for Cancer?

Today, over 30 years later after my crash, my best friend Bonnie and I went to one last doctor appointment, this time with an anesthesiologist, before my cancer operation next week. When she first saw me doing a 2009 New Year’s eve comedy show at a casino, Bonnie couldn’t have known the mutual stresses and the mutual joys we would eventually share. I summed up that comedy show with the serious message of “Let’s go into the new year accepting and focusing on what we have instead of worrying about what we don’t have.”

Being the Executive Director of EMS and Trauma Care for Western Washington’s North Region, Bonnie happened to be looking for appropriate entertainment for an upcoming retreat for approximately 100 fire departments, 10 major hospitals and a vast collection of paramedics, doctors, nurses and other assorted emergency room workers.

Made to order

Seeing me, a half paralyzed motorcycle crash surviving, experience r of trauma care, with a contagious sense of humor and some poignant observations, gave Bonnie a great idea of how well her people would be able to relate to my humor and my positive message. With her organizational skills and my small but sincere contribution of insightful humor, the retreat proved a smashing success.

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