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Good Attitudes Seemed Easy

Is your Attitude an asset or a liability? What does an Attitude asset look like?

Until coming out of my coma shortly after my 19th birthday, I didn’t concern myself much with the importance of Attitude. My Attitude was  fine, so I didn’t think about it. However, a disabling motorcycle crash yanked away my good Attitude and replaced it with an Attitude of fear and resentment.

I believe my circumstances at birth, which included sound physical and mental health and a loving family, accounted for my originally good attitude. Replace my physical health and strength with paralyses and brain damage and what was left was a 19 year old kid with an angry and depressed Attitude.

Building Strong Attitudes

I wasn’t aware of the power of Attitudes, at first. All I knew was my angry depression made me terrible company. So not only was I angry and depressed, I was lonely.

Although useful in many settings, at first, will power seems like it would be about as useful in improving one’s Attitude as it is in falling asleep. However, will power can be very useful in improving one’s Attitude, if it is used correctly.

Attitude Toolkit

Historical looks at the success of folks like Abraham Lincoln, who persisted through failure after failure in running for political offices until he was finally elected president and Walt Disney’s persistent efforts to grow his business despite numerous setbacks, show the power of a persistent Attitude. My experience relearning how to walk and talk also show how useful an Attitude of perseverance can be.

But relearning to walk and talk is kid’s stuff. Babies learn to walk and talk. Attitudes are useful for far more than accomplishing these basic skills. Relearning to walk and talk showed me that having an Attitude of persistence and of humble willingness to listen to instructions can lead to learning complicated  skills.

I may not be as quick of a learner as I’d like to be, but if I persist long enough, if I maintain a Winners Don’t Quit Attitude, I will learn to effectively use social media. Just like I eventually learned to walk without falling so much and talk without needing to repeat most of what I said, I will also learn to efficiently use social media. In answer to my original question, an Attitude Asset is a correctly focused Attitude of perseverance.

My Attitude’s effect on my ability to maintain relationships is every bit as significant as on my ability to comprehend and eventually own new information. Relationships may not be essential to live, but relationships are a big part of what makes life worth living.

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