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Laughter Works Like Medicine

A Day at the Office

Laughter is the great equalizer. It’s easy to like someone who makes you laugh. If they make you laugh at what was once a source of pain, your affection is doubled. And if, while laughing, you feel like they can truly understand you, is your affection turned to admiration and even trust?

One early post crash explanation for my low self esteem and lack of ongoing relationships was that I didn’t believe anyone understood me or cared to look beyond the external and see me for who I was. I was a prisoner locked in isolation in my own body. I was ashamed of the cripple I’d become and I was afraid of people’s reactions. On a very basic level, in addition to being a self fulfilling prophecy, this fear crippled my thoughts, my creativity and my personality.

Keeping it Real

A deeper, more accurate truth was that I had not yet learned that what people look like on the outside is only rarely who they are in their hearts and minds.  Since I had not completely learned this about others, I naturally didn’t think people realized this about me.

“I’m afraid to show you who I really am, because if I show you who I really am, you might not like it – and that’s all I’ve got” -Sabrina War.

Expressing myself both on the comedy stage and in front of audiences looking for more than a quick laugh has been both a journey of self discovery and an education that enables me to effectively share motivation and humor  in a wide range of settings.

Being Your Best

A key that has been very helpful in eliminating my fear and embarrassment, thereby strengthening the relationships I already have and helping me to initiate and welcome new ones is improving how I see myself. Besides helping me to look for the good in others, seeing myself in a positive light makes me want to be the best me I can be by helping others make some of the same discoveries I have.

People that have known me a while occasionally ask why I didn’t stick to performing in comedy clubs.

To me, the answer is plain. “Comedy clubs are fun. Standup comedy is fun, but if all I get out of my motorcycle crash, head injury and rehab journey is a few good jokes than it’s been a colossal waste. But if I can help someone smile and laugh and believe in their own possibilities than maybe it’s been time well spent.


If you have a group that is looking for a humorous and fresh way to look beyond challenges and see possibilities, contact Attitudeman Al Foxx.



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