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Attitudes that survive:

The power of our attitudes was first made clear in the best selling classic book  Man’s Search for Meaning by Dr Viktor Frankl, In it, this concentration camp survivor and doctor of psychiatry describes the power of Attitudes by showing how he used his Attitude, of acceptance and his care for others to survive the horrors of a Nazi concentration camp.

In his book, I discovered that being a crash survivor locked in a suddenly half paralyzed body has a surprising number of things in common with, and a greater number things different than the experiences of those locked in German concentration camps.

Concentration camps and fresh views on Attitude.

The actual similarities and differences between being physically impaired and being locked in a concentration camp are of interest to this post only so far as they can help us understand how the attitude we choose can affect how well we handle any situation in which we find ourselves.

Considering the sufferings that others endured and overcame proves that we don’t know the extent of what we can endure. When we see the big picture, when we see others dealing with challenges, we are given courage to accept and face our own challenges.

Helpful Attitudes

When I am blessed with the opportunity to help someone deal with their challenges, it is easier to forget about my own challenges. It’s hard to feel sorry for myself when I’m helping someone else deal with their challenges.

The Key is Keeping a Helpful Attitude.


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