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Rotary Clubs’ Principles to Live By

Image of Rotary Club Creed - Winners Don't Quit AssociationMy latest experience speaking at a Rotary Club, in at least one way, was like all the others: Associating with Rotary Club members always reminds me of the importance of having a Caring attitude of acceptance and respect, Service Above Self.

If the world lived according to the same caring standards of honesty and mutual respect that govern 32,000 rotary clubs around the globe, everybody would have:

  • More peace of mind,
  • Fewer apologies to make,
  • More grateful friends and neighbors.

Rotary’s 1.2 million members believe it starts with a commitment to Service Above Self.

Rotary Characteristics

Over the past 15 years, I have spoken to Rotary Clubs of many sizes. Sizes may change, and locations may change, but two characteristics common to every Rotary Club I’ve ever been in are the high levels of professionalism and the caring respect that club members extend not only to each other, but to guest speakers and to club visitors. Service Above Self.

Last week I enjoyed the privilege of speaking in the Tukwila Rotary Club in Tukwila, Washington. This is one of the smaller Rotaries, but the same spirit of professionalism and caring service characteristic of the larger clubs is alive and well in Tukwila.

Speaking at Tukwila Rotary Club - Winners Don't Quit Association

Pictures from Tukwila Rotary Club

Like happens in Rotaries around the globe, as a guest with plans to become a member of their club, my partner Bonnie Robinson and myself were welcomed with open arms and treated to a most delicious breakfast by former caterer, current web designer/club member who is about to become the club’s next president, Annetta Washington Goff.

The Rotary’s Personal Appeal

Rotary Clubs are an ideal role model in professional and polite behavior. Their list of international humanitarian accomplishments are clear to everyone who visits their website The values they encourage on an international global level are the same type of values the C in my A-B-Cs encourage on an individual level.

  • A – Accept the book you’ve been given – live until you die.
  • B – Believe you can write a happy ending – lighten up.
  • C – Care about others.

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