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Achieving No Limits

Sep 09, 2015 by Stephany Inman

I loved reading this book. Al’s sense of humor and authenticity made it hard to put the book down. To read how Al how faced and overcome so many challenges and is now able to embrace life and help others is truly remarkable. I enjoyed learning how having spiritual mentors made such a difference in the healing process.

Real Tools to Change your Attitude! (delivered w/ humor!!)

May 17, 2015 by Carol Paul

Al Foxx... I heard you speak two years ago in Washington and just recently I was going through my books. When I came across yours (Achieving No Limits) I started telling my son how funny you were and he said " I bet if he is that funny, his book is really entertaining to read" So I started reading it... and it's good! I suffered a loss than I can't seem to move past and I keep seeing myself as the victim of the loss. Your book is a great read (especially after hearing you speak because I can hear you saying the words on each page!!) I love that you give REAL tools and advice to change your attitude. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chapter 21!!! I think I might make a copy of that whole chapter for the front of my fridge! Thank you...your words were just what I needed...and the laughs made it a great way to get them!

Apr 06, 2015 by Abbie Webb

I had the pleasure of listening to Al's story and presentation on hope at a recent networking event. He was funny and inspiring and I admire his positive attitude and outlook on life!

Great Motivational Speaker

Mar 13, 2015 by Howard Howell

Al Foxx is a great motivational speaker. You will be inspired by the challenges he has overcome and shares with the audience with such enthusiasm and sincerity. His humor keeps you awake and makes his lessons memorable.

Awesome Message !

Dec 16, 2014 by Hank Myers

Al just recently spoke at The Boeing Co at the Everett Site per a request from the Fab North Diversity Council. He delivered a message that totally captivated the audiences attention, along with sharing from his heart some of his lifes challenges and successes. His message touched everyone that was present in a very deep way, and you could feel it in the air and hear it from the audiences responses to his message. He has the ability to make you laugh one moment, and then cry the next. He enabled me to see lifes challenges from a much healthier perspective. I would highly recommend Al to speak before any kind of audience, blue collar, white collar or executive. He has the ability to teach anyone that is willing to listen.

Inspirational and Enlightening

Oct 29, 2014 by Lisa Fain

Al visited our organization last week to talk to our employees about the importance of Attitude, Belief and Caring. He shared his insights on how to demonstrate respect, and the importance of believing in oneself to achieving no limits. Adding to the impact of his remarks, he wove in learnings from other great books like The Four Agreements and How Full is Your Bucket?. Thank you, Al!

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