Responding to Change

We All Need to Respond to Change…What Changes Do You Fear?

Being accepting of unwanted changes in your life, including being accepting toward the changes you have to make in order to make the unwanted changes acceptable, can make you change friendly. And the more change friendly you are, the easier additional changes become. It’s like you build up change momentum.

  1. Receiving a pink slip
  2. Having a house in foreclosure
  3. Getting hit with an unexpected divorce
  4. A disabling car crash

These and many other experiences can all be traumatic changes and sources of intense fear and anxiety. Understanding and using the power of our minds can keep change fear at bay.

Each of the events I listed occur in the outside world. Our interpretation of said events as well as our emotional responses occur in our inside world. The meanings we choose to give to the events in our lives create our experiences.

Change Responses and Reactions

ChangeontheHudsonRiver-WinnersDontQuitsAssnA US Airway plane had birds fly into it’s engines, suddenly and completely disabling it. Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger had no choice but to land in the Hudson River.

The amazing thing about this external event was that nobody died. After a safe, emergency landing, all 155 passengers climbed out of the plane and stood on the wings waiting to be picked up by boats that happened to be in the vicinity.

Recounting the occasion, passengers described it like this:

It was simple. Nobody panicked. Everybody kept a cool head. In other words, they responded. They didn’t react.

Captain Sullenberger said it like this, in Newsweek magazine,

We never gave up. Having a plan enabled us to keep our hope alive. Perhaps in a similar fashion, people who are in their own personal crisis can be reminded that no matter how dire the circumstances or how little time you have to deal with it, further action is always possible. There’s always a way out of even the tightest spot. You can survive.”

Keys to Surviving Change

The plain fact is that change can have such a powerful impact on who we are and what we are capable of doing that we need something to offset its power in our lives. Powerful change tools will be highlighted in the next few posts.

To see how I’ve dealt with life altering changes in positive and productive ways, read my book Achieving NO LIMITS, EMBRACING CHANGE or have me share my ideas with your students or group.

**originally published 10/18/2013


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