Recovery is a Process

Minds Matter in the Recovery Process

Your Mind is the Key

No matter what you are recovering from, the key to remember is: Progress not Perfection. Aiming to make progress implies that recovery of any kind is a process, which of course it is.

Another crucial thing to remember is that our minds are like fields of the most fertile soil. Like soil grows weeds or flower seeds, the type type of things we put in our minds grow and produce after their kind.

Having lived with significant brain damage for 3 decades, my experience is that negative ideas that find their way into the mind of a person already facing challenges will likely find an environment  where they can grow and flourish.

Luckily, this works both ways. The fertile soil of our minds grows anything we plant in it. Knowing this, why not make an effort to only think positive thoughts of peace and goodwill?


Imagine you’re in a theater. The curtain is about to open on a play you directed and starred in. Will you be inspired, will you be moved to tears, will you see things you admire or things you regret? Will there be some of both?

The protagonist you create is of ultimate importance, for the protagonist is you.

In this theater, which is in minds of each of us, you are not only the producer and the director and the actor or actress, you are the audience who will react to the play with either pride or regret.

I usually react with a combination of both pride and regret. We are in control of the movie. We decide the story line played out on stage, will your story be one of someone who got a bad break or will it be the story of an over comer who did what was necessary to live a happy, productive life?

Human Nature

Recovery is a Process - Winners Dont Quit AssociationRegrettable as they are, mistakes are human nature. It’s impossible to live without ever making a mistake. Mistakes are in our genetics, they’re in our psychological make up.

And depending on a combination of whether you’re brain damaged or not and on how high you set the bar, how many mistakes you make may be few or many.

The key to living a happy and productive life is not to never make a mistake, but to keep trying despite our mistakes. For, the more mistakes we make, the more successes we’re likely to have.

That’s why I like the phrase: Progress Not Perfection.

As an Keynote Speaker, it is my privilege to inspire audiences using perspectives from my own life experiences.

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