Progressive Attitudes

Attitudes and Rivers Adapt

Life is like swimming in a river; the circumstances are always changing, and adapting is our goal. Since all we can control is our Attitude, reacting with acceptance to the changing conditions around us can be a source of peace.

Like a river, our reactions can either carry us toward our goals or away from them.

 My original goals after my crash were to walk and talk and drive efficiently enough to at least serve a practical purpose. The difficulty in achieving these simple goals impacted my Attitudes toward myself, others and toward life in general.

Attitude Power

Being locked in a Nazi Concentration camps taught psychiatrist Dr. Viktor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning that how we choose to interpret events happening around us can have an incredible impact on our attitudes

 Aside from the practical and somewhat boring goals of learning to walk and talk, I eventually developed more sophisticated goals like learning to delay gratification and being kind and generous. Goals like putting my own wants on the back burner while I try to see things from someone else’s viewpoint took a while to realize since my initial thoughts following my head injury had me believing the world revolved around me

Attitudes of Acceptance

We can know from the health of our relationships how far we have come in attaining the goal of accepting the currant of life on life’s terms.

Put simply, no matter how good and kind my motives are, the only Attitude that works at all in relationships between myself and anything or anyone else is the Attitude of acceptance. By having an Attitude of acceptance toward anything or anyone I meet, I am free to progress toward my goal of experiencing happiness, peace and joy.

 Anytime we have a problem adapting to anything or anyone, it is because we are not accepting something about the person, place, thing or situation.


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