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Dependable Change

Aside from our own choices to be flexible enough to persist until a Image of Watch for Change ahead - Winners Don't Quit Associationparticular obstacle is overcome, change is the only constant in life. While this uncertainty makes it difficult to plan for a specific future, if this inconsistency in the way things are is accepted and planned for, change can be embraced as a dependable friend.

The fact that change is persistently and dependably constant is something we all know we will always have to live with. Because change is the only dependably constant and reliable thing we have to count on, change itself gives us six immutable facts that can be called givens:

Six Change Givens

  1. Everything changes and ends.
  2. Planning is wise, but things do not always go according to plan.
  3. Life is not always fair.
  4. Periods of more or less pain are part of life.
  5. People are not loving and loyal all the time.
  6. Your own Attitude is all you can change.

Having grown up around church people, I’ve seen first hand how most of them are usually kind and honest people. As my experience with the sometimes unwelcome changes of life increases, it occurs to me that the way I learned to pray as a child was all too limited.

One of the key purposes of my childhood prayers was to protect, from harm, myself, or for whomever I was currently praying. Looking back on my sometimes painful rehabilitation journey and on my recent cancer diagnosis, a more spiritually aware prayer would be:

A Changed Prayer

“Be with me in the givens so I can handle them. Don’t abrogate all my suffering, rather stay with me, changing  me with your strength and your peace through whatever comes my way, so I don’t miss out on what the givens can teach me.


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