Power of Acceptance

Accepting Works

The Key is acceptance - as told by Al FoxxSuicide seems like the ultimate way of not accepting something. Like Bill Maher said on Politically Incorrect, “Suicide is man’s way of telling God, you can’t fire me. ……. I quit!”

German psychiatrist, concentration camp survivor Viktor Frankl proved that acceptance is the most powerful tool we have to help us get along in the world. Willingness is the key to acceptance.

In most cases, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Acceptance is a permanent solution to a problem that may be permanent.

The beautiful thing about acceptance is that it can be done again and again, every hour or even minute.

Motorcycle Crashes

Accept Your Reality - Winners Don't Quit Association

Now’s who’s in control?

Motorcycle crashes come in a million different shapes:

  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Death of a loved one
  • Dysfunctional family of origin

This is just to name a few…so I’m totally aware that to some readers of this post, a partially paralyzed body along with the other assets I have seems preferable to their own situation.

A partially paralyzed body is all I have to personally go on, but Victor Frankl’s book inspired me to really look into the incredible healing power of acceptance.

Since acceptance has No Limits except those we individually put on it, it is my hope that you’ll consider my conclusions:

Accepting Our Books

We’re all born with a book of blank pages. It’s not up to us if the book is a leather bound, gold embossed hard back or a cheaply glued paperback, but what the pages say is up to us.

Are we going to write about a poor soul who got a bad break, or will we write the story of an over comer who did what he had to do in order to live a contented life?

Which would you rather read?

Which would you rather write?

Which would you rather live?

It’s your choice, Accept it!

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