Speaking on Positive Attitude

The Importance of a Positive Attitude

Believe in YouOne key aspect of what I pass on as a speaker is the importance specific steps in maintaining an absolutely positive Winners Don’t Quit Attitude and a healthy self image.

The nuts and bolts of my experience is having the kind of life, self image, physical body, friends and possessions I enjoyed, losing all that and facing the challenge of regaining an updated version of the life I lost,

The incredibly important role one’s self image plays in determining one’s Attitude made regaining a positive Attitude seem impossible. How could I, who currently didn’t seem to have anything going for me, possibly regain the positive Attitude I had when everything was going my way?

What is the ATTITUDE key, the SECRET formula?

Psychologists, other mental health and rehab professionals along with a variety of relevant books gave me my first understanding of having a winning Attitude. The problem with my original understanding was that I had preconceived ideas. I believed I would think well of myself if I somehow manufactured a Winning Attitude. I didn’t understand that believing in one’s own value is as easy as following a few simple steps.

Experience having both positive and negative interactions with others showed me a few things to me about the acquisition of a positive Attitude.

  1. The things people say to me or about me say more about them than they do about me.
  2. Positive Winners Don’t Quit Attitudes contribute to a healthy self image, but my experience is that they don’t come before a healthy self image.
  3. Positive Winners Don’t Quit Attitudes are a result of a healthy and realistic self image.

So how does one get a positive self image? I’m glad you asked. It’s really quite simple. Although some will find acquiring a healthy self  image difficult, if not impossible.

The reason for this is because of two vital keys to finding and maintaining a healthy and positive self image are:

  1. A complete absence of arrogance.
  2. A goodly amount of humility.

Positive Attitude Formula

I stumbled across the following simple recipe for a healthy self image. It’s really quite amazing how it happened. One day I realized that I have a pretty good self image. How did that happen? I asked myself remembering how angry and resentful, fearful and full of self pity, suicidal depression and belligerence I’d been for years after my crash.

By analyzing my daily activities and my daily associations, I came up with three easy to follow steps that describe how I took a negative and broken self image and unconsciously built a positively healthy self image. The formula happens to fall into an easy to remember ABC pattern.

Positive Attitudes are as simple as ABC.

  • Accept the book you’ve been given. The way I see it, we’re all born with a book. It’s not up to us if the book is a leather bound hardback with raised gold lettering or a poorly glued paperback, but what is up to us is what the pages say.

Are we living an inspirational tale that will fill others with hope in their own possibilities? Or are we living a story full of dishonesty and needless drama?

The more helpful you are to those around you, the easier and more pleasurable it will be to accept your book.

  • Believe you can write a happy ending. If your anything like me and you
  1. Keep from comparing yourself to others and
  2. Do your best with the cards you’ve been dealt,

you will find yourself believing in your ow possibilities and you will lighten up and quit taking yourself so seriously.

Laughing at something (Like my paralysis or my speech impairment)  makes those things smaller and easier to handle. Laugh with me not at me. Laughing at someone doesn’t help them or you, so why do it?

  • Care about others. The golden rule tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. My rehab experience tells me that this rule was given as much for our benefit as it was for our neighbors.

To better explain it, pretend everybody has a bucket of self esteem, some small and some big. The size is of little importance. The important thing to realize is that by saying something unkind to your neighbor, you’re poking a hole in his or her bucket. By paying them a compliment or doing something kind for them, you add something positive to their bucket. The reason this is significant is because however you affect someone’s bucket affects your bucket the same way.


If you have a group that is looking for a humorous and fresh way to look beyond challenges and see possibilities, both in yourself and in others, contact Attitudeman Al Foxx.





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