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No Limits by Al Foxx

No Limits by Al Foxx“A true inspirational gift, No Limits provides a faith born from optimism that gives you the courage to not only dream big but to work toward realizing your dreams.”
–Bonnie Robinson, Executive Director, North Region EMS & Trauma Care Council

“Oh my gosh! I can do it! No Limits took the limits off my own life and gave me hope that I have a future, after all.” –Kelly Clark, (An optimistic head injury survivor with two happy daughters and a smiling husband. )

No Limits, an autobiographical account of Al Foxx’s rehab journey, is a story of love, hate, resentment, self pity, fear and the ultimate self actualizing peace and joy found in acceptance. Al’s journey impacts his perception of challenges, of others, and of life in general. This book is for anyone who likes a good read, who wants a glimpse into the world of a dreamer with a disability, or who faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Finding new possibilities…

No Limits proves physical limitations don’t do fas much to limit a person as what that person thinks of their limitations. Whether you are a person with a disability, know someone who has a disability, or have experienced one of life’s “motorcycle crashes,” No Limits is like a pair of glasses that opens your eyes to your possibilities.

In No Limits I share insights my journey taught me about changing my perception of myself, of challenges, of other people, and of life in general. I wish I could have learned what I’ve learned by reading a book.

Why No Limits?

If I was the only one to  learn from the experiences I’ve had, it would have been a colossal waste. So I wrote No Limits for anybody facing challenges, not specifically the physical and social challenges associated with brain damage. Many of the challenges and victories I’ve experienced during my  rehabilitation can be applied to other situations and challenges.

The following audio testimonial of a therapist working with rehab clients tells the value her clients find in reading and discussing No Limits:

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