New Year Resolutions

Inspirational Resolutions

Have you reflected over the last year and come up with a set of goals you want to achieve this year? Did you come up with a set of goals that stretch you and yet are not so ambitious that you can’t imagine achieving them all?

Traditionally, New Year’s celebrations include a flow of reflections, followed by the creation of resolutions. For many, a focused effort is put into becoming an improved person. Speaking personally, as I reflect back on my mistakes of the previous year, my attitude is to not create negative thoughts about mistakes, but instead look at my mistakes as an opportunity for growth. If I’m aware of my mistakes, I look at them as an opportunity for improvement. The lesson is to accept where you are today, but continue to look for ways to improve.

Appreciate the Growth Resolutions Bring

The main thing I’ve learned during prior years is to nurse  feelings of gratitude and deep appreciation for all of my experiences, challenging and rewarding. And to let go of unresolved conflicts and concerns. A new year is like being at a door and looking back into a room that holds all my experiences. Some of them are joyful and some are painful. A feeling of renewal penetrates my heart as I close the door and remember the wisdom of “Learn what you can, and forgive or forget the rest.”

Believe You Will Achieve Your Resolutions

Ahead of me is a year I don’t know yet. It’s like a blank slate. The future seems to be reaching for me, pulling me forward. I find myself holding back. I’m curious but anxious, impatient but hesitant. All the while, as my new year looms closer and closer, l lean further and further forward. My anticipation pushes me forward, but my fear still holds me back. Then I lean too far. Before I can step back, I’m falling forward into my future. As I overcome my fear and lean into my future, I see no need to resist or fear. Whether the new year’s experiences result in thanksgivings or resolutions, the sure result is growth. Growth is the Purpose of Life.


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