Negativity is an Addictive Disease

We all know it, but people with disabilities see first hand how negative thinking kills acceptance, courage, gratitude, the list goes on. No one can afford negativity!

Like gang green or leprosy or any other medically undesirable state, negative thinking must be totally eradicated. Life can be tough. We need resilience! To have even a little negativity is too much, for it will spread. Negative thinking must be treated like any other addiction, with commitment to life and a will to get better, with forgiveness, and perhaps most important, with the knowledge that, if the guidelines in Al’s keynotes are followed, healthy positive thinking is not just possible but inevitable.

A Path of Discovery

I can’t remember all the many people who’ve told me, over the decades, “I don’t know how you did it. I never could have done what you’ve done.”

Nonsense! If what happened to me had happened to someone else, I would have likely said the same thing. But it did happen to me. The human mind and body are amazing in their ability to adapt to new situations and challenges. My eyes have been opened, at least partially, to mankind’s huge potential.

Instead of wondering if you can or weakly hoping you can do something that seems impossible, JUST DO IT!

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall and hit your face on the sidewalk, how many scars you have doesn’t matter, all that matters is how many times you get back up. Winners Don’t Quit!

Get an Anti-Negativity Attitude


“Most people live, whether physically intellectually or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being. They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness, and of their soul’s resources in general, much like a man who, out of his entire bodily organism, should get used to moving only his little finger.

Great emergencies and crises show us how much greater our vital resources are than we had supposed.”

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