Negative Thoughts

The Power to Change Negative Thoughts

Remove Negative Thoughts - Winners Don't Quit AssociationYou’ve no doubt faced many obstacles and limitations in your life. Everyone faces challenges of varying sizes.

My big challenge was overcoming the brain damage and partial paralysis I suffered from a serious motorcycle crash when I was 19 years old.

It has taken years of struggling before I learned the art of adapting and many of life’s other lessons. This lesson is taken from my newest book “Achieving No Limits”

Turning Negative to Positive

“Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Have you ever thought about the power of your thoughts?

One thing I’ve learned since my injury is this: Not only are negative thoughts destructive, they’re also addictive. Luckily, the addiction to negative thinking can be treated like any other addiction.

To chase away the dark clouds of negativity, to turn my negative thoughts into positive thinking, to change limits to possibilities, these ten steps have worked for me. I offer them to you as a road map for happy travels:

  1. Commit yourself to positive goals.
  2. Say only positive things.
  3. Be patient with yourself.
  4. Hang out with positive people.
  5. Forgive yourself when you backslide.
  6. Eat healthy meals.
  7. Get physical exercise regularly.
  8. Keep track of your progress.
  9. Trust the God of your understanding.
  10. Remember that Winners Don’t Quit!

Following these 10 steps helped me change my negative thoughts to positive ones. But I’m only human, and humans love to hold onto their addictions.

If you want to rid your mind of negative thoughts and a negative thought pops into your head, pop it back out by thinking about something positive.

Think Positive

The more positive sayings you know and the more positive books you read, the easier it will be to replace that negative thought with something positive.

Although Seattle drivers seem to manage it, most people’s minds are never completely empty. I’m just kidding. If it wasn’t for Seattle drivers, I probably wouldn’t have gotten my license back. Positive Thought - Winners Don't Quit AssociationLuckily, being brain damaged fits me right into Seattle traffic. Everyone here drives like they’re brain damaged.

Anyway, at least one thought is always on our minds. Because our minds cannot maintain a vacuum, we can’t replace a negative thought with nothing.

And it doesn’t help to replace a negative thought with another negative thought. We need a positive thought to replace it with.

The more positive thoughts and memories we store up from inspirational bios on the internet, books, songs or friends, the easier it will be to let go of the negative and welcome the positive. And when we celebrate our abilities, we’ll look for the possibilities in situations where we used to find limitations.

Remember, there are No Limits, except those we create for ourselves.

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