Motivational Speech Defines Winner

Motivational Speech

A winning motivational speech empowers us to win in three ways:

Winning isn’t an Event. It’s a Lifestyle.

  1. Accept ourselves as ever improving works in progress, thereby building winning relationships with ourselves.
  2. Believe we will achieve a series of goals designed to grow us into the winners we want to be.
  3. Care about others, thereby building and maintaining winning relationships.

Passing from being an active and athletic young man with all the toys that go with having a good job, solid friendships and meaningful relationships to having everything snatched away left me hungry for a way to recreate myself as a winner. This is when I first began seeking out motivational speeches describing how to respond like a winner to fearful situations.

What Winners and Losers are Not.

Early in my quest to regain a winning attitude, I found some work by Dennis Waitley. The first thing I remember learning from this speaker and doctor of psychology is that: Just because everything was going my way when I was 18 didn’t mean I was a winner, and just because nothing seemed to be going my way when I was 19 didn’t mean I was a loser.

Huh? It sounded sensible, but the newness of it took me a while to adopt. It redefined what I understood myself to be. And it completely redefined what I understood a winner to be. I suddenly understood that a winner is not someone who happens to have everything going their way, a winner may have things going their way, but sometimes things may not be going their way at all.

Listening to and studying motivational speeches and books on winners and then applying the principles to my life gave me the following understanding of winners.

  1. Winners are winners because they know it’s not all about them.
  2. Winners are winners because they care about others.
  3. Winners are winners because they know how to love and be loved.
  4. Winners are winners because they treat others like they’re winners too.
  5. Winners are winners because they keep getting back up.

Winners Don’t Quit!

Acquiring a true understanding of what it takes to be a winner gives me back some of the power my crash took. Early in my rehab, I was too self concerned to be a real winner. The simple ABC strategy outlined above took me out of the director’s chair by describing winners as people who

  1. Accept that other people are winners, too.
  2. Are happy when other people get to win.

By itself, how fast and far I go doesn’t make me a winner. What makes me a winner is helping people I meet on the way to where I’m going.

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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