Motivational Humor

Motivational Humor Defined

  • The Encarta Dictionary English (North America) defines humor as the ability to see that something is funny.
  • The same dictionary defines motivation as a feeling of enthusiasm, interest, or commitment that makes somebody want to do something.

If motivation is what creates interest in enthusiastically  and with commitment pursuing a particular end, and humor is the ability to see that something is funny, than Motivational Humor gives one the ability to find humor in the need to reach a particular end.

Finding Humor

Finding humor in the need to wash your car or mow your lawn is a nice, though rather blase,  skill. When my friend, motorcycle crash survivor, Wayne finds humor in the need to have his paralyzed arm propped up with a pillow draped over a wheeled table standing beside his wheelchair it’s more than nice; it’s a survival skill!

Not knowing the details of Wayne’s medical files, all I can say about his condition is that it appears to my untrained eyes that, like mine, his mind is more alert than his body. The clearness of his mind became especially evident one day when I visited him for our regular game of Blackjack.

I was feeling uncharacteristically melancholy that day.  Usually I’m happy and upbeat when I visit Wayne, but my circumstances got the best of me and I told him how I was having trouble in a certain area of my life and how worried I was that things didn’t seem to be going the way I wanted them to go.

Silent but Deafening

I will never forget the expression on Wayne’s face when I looked at him after finishing my rant. He can only move one hand and arm. He can’t talk or swallow, but the muscles in his face are quite animated. When I saw his expression of pity mixed with humorous sarcasm, I felt lower than whale waste, but I had to smile. What was I doing complaining to Wayne? I can move more than half my body! Compared to him, I’m a world class gymnast!

Wayne is my good-humor coach who helps me to focus on what I have instead of what I don’t have, thereby giving me the will to get back in the saddle and charge my challenges with a renewed gusto.


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