Living a Win-Win Attitude

Win-Win Attitudes get you where you want to go.

Reading this without also reading my previous two Win-Win Attitude posts

is like licking the Barbecue sauce off a nicely charred steak. The flavor may be good, but the food value is limited.

There are a all kinds of Attitudes I could have held as I stood before the judge. I could have angrily thought the judicial system was just going for the easy money by picking on minor traffic offenders instead chasing real criminals.

Anger or Cooperation?

Choosing a cooperative Attitude combined with having a good driving record proved to be of value both to the court and to me, a win-win.

Lessons Learned

  1. Having an Attitude that benefits everyone involved is not only better for everyone involved, it’s especially better for the holder of that Attitude.
  2. The judge agreed. Based on my good driving record and on the win-win nature of my proposal, he let me do a couple school presentations instead paying the tickets, thereby confirming my hope that having a win-win Attitude is the best way to negotiate.
  3. Living with a Win-Win Attitude requires that you be couragous and considerate.When you have a Win-Win Attitude, you’re empathic. You speak and live in a way that takes other people’s feelings into account. You’re cooperative instead of competitive.

People living a Win-Win Attitude are considerate, sensitive and confident.

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