Live Well By Speaking Well

Is Your Attitude an Asset or a Liability?

Like many young people, I used to get pulled over frequently. Toward the end of my ticket collecting career, a life enriching incident started with me getting pulled over. Shortly before this, a circumstance had drilled it into me that our words show our Attitudes.

I was reminded that if used correctly, our words have the power to create positive possibilities for us to live richer, fuller, easier lives, but used incorrectly our words have the power to disable our possibilities and cause all kinds of problems.

A Chinese proverb says “Words are the keys to the heart.” What the proverb doesn’t say is that the door swings both ways.

In other words, the more positively we treat others, the more positive we feel. But the more negatively we treat folks, the more negative we feel.

Live Life On Purpose

Inside my head, I didn’t feel real positive toward the officer who pulled me over, but what I shared with him was so pleasant it may have contributed to his not charging me with not wearing my seat belt. And the Attitude I shared with the judge when I went to court may have contributed to him letting me do a school assembly instead of paying a traffic fine. My words don’t always have the power to talk me out of a ticket, but I’m pretty sure I can always talk my way into a ticket.

The above incident seems like a win-win situation. The students and faculty enjoyed my assembly and I for sure enjoyed keeping my restored driving record clean.

Five principles I found that help create win-win situations:

  1. Do no harm.
  2. Make things better.
  3. Respect others.
  4. Be fair.
  5. Be loving.


Live and Let Live

By using our Attitudes and the power of our words, we have the power to create either stress free lives or lives that are full of conflict.

This idea is further developed in Know No Boundaries.


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