Life Challenges

Has Your Life Been Challenged?

Challenges Make You Feel Trapped - Al FoxxHave you ever been plucked from a world you loved and forced into a monstrously hideous situation? Did you feel hopelessly trapped? What did you do? If you’re in such a situation now, what will you do?

That was me. At 18, I had the kind of life I’d dreamed of having. I made good enough money to buy a tricked out Camaro, a brand new Yamaha 650 Special, great ski equipment, a diamond ring for my fiancé, yada-yada-yada.

I never even saw the truck my motorcycle slammed into. My bike hit the truck and stopped dead. I shot over the handlebars like I’d been fired from a circus cannon. My face and helmet slammed into the pickup. My helmet cracked, my face bones broke, my limp body crumpled to the payment.

Challenge Accepted 

Imagine accepting that you’re trapped at the bottom of a dark, dank well. Say you accept that there’s a foot or two of slimy cold water and muck at the bottom of this well, and you accept that the sides are smooth and slimy. Now imagine that accepting your situation gives you the right attitude to create hand and toeholds to climb out.

  1. ABCs of Attitude - AlFoxxAccept the book you’re given.
  2. Believe you can write a happy ending.
  3. Care about others.

That’s the opportunity my disabling crash gave me. My Winners Don’t Quit talk describes the passage way I found to freedom. Why this talk has been applauded by so many groups is because motorcycle crashes come in a million different shapes: divorce, bankruptcy, death of a loved one, being from a dysfunctional family, the list goes on.

 Challenge Won 

There’s a million different situations, but the strategy, the steps my rehab journey showed me works for them all. The steps I share can take you from wherever you are to a place of happy, joyous freedom. If you’re already at such a place, tuck the tools I offer you in a pocket for later because change is constant. No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, but the ABCs will equip you to make the most of what tomorrow has for you.

Keynote and Motivational Speaker Al Foxx provides thoughtful and inspiring messages that include plenty of humor.

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