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WDQ’s Vision Statement:

Our vision is for a healthy, compassionate, vibrant world. Our mission is therefore to ensure the Community Benefit Sector has practical tools for accomplishing those visionary ends. We do this work by convening, engaging, mobilizing and supporting the sector, to ensure we all have the means to make our world an amazing place.

WDQ Mission Statement

WDQ’s vision is to be part of a world where everybody, regardless of any visible or invisible disabilities, is inspired to live without limits.  We do this by providing humorous, interesting, inspiring and entertaining keynotes, workshops and books that enlarge boundaries by eliminating self imposed limitations.

The vision of WDQ is to use keynotes, workshops and books to give tools to PWD, and to those who work with PWD, that will help them believe, not only in their own possibilities, but also in the power of being patient and encouraging.

To provide tools that will nourish the seeds of knowledge already planted within the hearts of the young and old, whether or not they have disabilities, which will grow into a beautiful and thriving tree, shading all cultures of our community, and eventually bear the fruits of a unified people.


Comment From Webmaster: Howard Howell

Suggestion in light of Al’s most recent stroke and resulting Speech Impairment

The Website is currently promoting Keynote Speaking Engagements which it appears to me that you must change your focus of how you will share your vision.

I have been noticing a few Internet trends such as these 3 articles:

E Learning Climbing To $325 Billion By 2025 UF Canvas Absorb Schoology Moodle – Forbes


Global E-Learning Market 2017 to Boom $275.10 Billion Value by 2022 at a CAGR of 7.5% – Orbis Research – Reuters


Advancing A Culture Of Education At IBM – Forbes


It seems to me that a good pivot for Al would be to take his wisdom and experiences an put them into an online e-learning course. Al can write the course which should include a series of short lessons in how his attitude has helped him through his multiple recoveries from a brain related trauma. I can take the written lessons and add Video and Audio through “Text To Speech” software technology. Offer the online class as a paid service and use this asset as a replacement for lost revenues in Speaking Engagements.

I feel there might be a need in the corporate world for Al’s Disability Training which we could offer as an online employee training with a bulk discount corporate rate. We could approach some of Al’s past customers of his stage presentations.

I am proposing we use a software plugin App called wp-courseware to set up Al’s teaching lessons. This will simplify the course creation process for Al and give us a platform to create more than one Class if Al is up to it.

This seems like a viable plan of action with Al’s current physical limitations.


I am prepared to take on this new task if Al can afford and commit to the Website Development Investment.

~Howard Howell



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