Hope and Faith

How My Parents Clung to Hope and Faith

Samuel Jackson says “Hope is necessary in every condition.

The miseries of poverty, of sickness, of captivity,

would, without this comfort, be intolerable.”

ClingtoHope-WinnersDontQuitAssociationEveryone of us has had something happen in our lives where we have clung to HOPE.

Hope is a helpful attitude whenever, wherever. I know myself, family members and friends had HOPE while battling cancer. Many of you have experienced life-changing situations where HOPE was your best friend.

HOPE, by definition is a feeling of expectation and desire for a positive thing to happen. In many cases, we cling most tightly to HOPE when something unexpected and undesirable occurs.

Having progressively more and more challenging goals has proven to be my strongest source of hope.

It was May 7, 1980. Nothing was unusual about a ringing phone just after dinner on a weeknight. Mom picked it up with her usual good cheer.  “Hello.” My frantic fiancé cried that I’d been in a horrific motorcycle crash, and was being taken to Harborview Hospital.  Having been a nurse and seen tons of motorcycle crash survivors, fear seized Mom’s heart.  My parents have always gained HOPE from their strong faith in God. They prayed now for God’s healing power to wrap me in it’s stronger than death embrace.  Have you ever prayed to your higher power for help getting through a difficult situation?

HOPE—putting faith to work when doubting would be easier. 

My parents arrived at Harborview. Tears flooded Mom’s eyes as the doctor told her I’d sustained a brain stem contusion, a ruptured hypothalamus, a ruptured spleen, broken bones in my face and massive internal hemorrhaging. Even if I lived, the doctor warned, I’d never be the same.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, I’d be a different person.

 HOPE keeps something alive in us even when a circumstance seems impossible.

HopeandFaith-WinnersDon'tQuitAssociationMom began journaling about this time. Years later, she shared this journal with me. It began with the following prayer words:

“I’m sorry Lord I thought I was strong.

I thought I was prepared to face the worst,

When the doctor told me he would never be the same.

That his intelligence would not reach the same level

As before the accident.

That there would be behavior modifications,

I knew You were still in control.

That out of tragedies, blessings come.

That no matter what happens You can take that thing

-that hurt, and turn it into something good,

Turn it into a blessing.”

When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Keep on trying.”

 After a month in a coma, I started several years of therapy. PT, OT, ST, PsT. My parents kept praying and clinging to HOPE. Over the years, they’ve maintained their HOPE for me to have a happy and normal life. Isn’t that what everyone wants for their children? Isn’t that what you want for your children and grandchildren?

At this point in my life, over 30 years later, I have learned how to keep HOPE alive in my life.I have learned that HOPE is not wishful thinking.

HOPE is a state of mind where you want to help others.

Hope is manifested when we’re helping others. HOPE is a dimension of the soul. HOPE is an orientation of the spirit and the heart.

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