Do Your Goals Matter?

Goals - Al FoxxThe easiest to notice disabilities are physical. But psychological or emotional disabilities are more likely to be harmful to others, especially if the person with the disability has a goal to harm others.

One person’s goal may seem so trivial, or so out of the box, that someone else would consider it a sickness or a twisted hobby rather than a goal.  Nonetheless, when you think of the billions of people on this planet, only some of whom are either self absorbed or socially disabled in some other way, it is important to remember these people compose a small percentage of the potentially millions of goal makers.

Billions of potential goal makers making billions of goals makes it seem like an oversimplification to say that all those goals can be boiled down and fit neatly into one or more of four categories.  But such is the case.

Goal Categories

The three goals on the first level, the main level, are self serving. Many people never go beyond this point. However, some people do. These people are known for their compassion and generosity. Mother Theresa is an example. Before we talk about the fourth goal, let’s list and discuss the first three:

#1 – To Be: These type of goals are usually long range in nature and may require the ability to delay gratification and stay focused on a particular desired end. They may result in benefiting someone else, but they may not.

#2 – To Do: These goals can be long range, but they’re usually concerning that day or hour. And they could possibly involve benefiting others, but the condition of our society proves Goals "to get" - Al Foxxthat they usually benefit the person who has them.

#3 – To Get: These goals involve everything from getting a cup of coffee to getting a college degree, and like the previous two can benefit others or just the one with the goal.

Goals to Bless Others

#4 – To Give: Happiness comes when you give more than you get.

It’s easy to forget, or to not be aware of, the discomfort caused by visible and invisible disabilities. So remember what Aristotle said: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”

When we spend our time concerned about giving the 3 As, Attention, Affection and Appreciation, to others, we develop the habit of feeling good because we’re thinking of others. This is why the Golden Rule is Golden.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
– Winston Churchill

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