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HOPE Enriches, Stabilizes, Motivates


We all know that basic essentials like food, water and air sustain life, but what makes that sustained life exciting, productive and worth living? HOPE! What is HOPE? HOPE, by definition, is a feeling of expectation and desire for a positive thing to happen.

We’ve all had seasons of HOPE. Whether you’re a five year old with your first lemonade stand or the manager of Starbucks trying to meet the typical Monday morning coffee rush, HOPE is a steady and positive companion.

Remember what Christopher Reeves said, “Once you choose HOPE, anything is possible.”

Many of us have experienced life-changing situations where HOPE was our best friend. I know myself, family members and friends had HOPE while battling cancer. HOPE is a helpful attitude whenever, wherever. I can’t imagine a single situation that HOPE would not improve.

People tend to cling most tightly to HOPE when something unexpected and undesirable occurs.

The Critical Nature of HOPE

The day that launched me into an ever deepening understanding of the critical nature of HOPE was an extremely typical day. Nothing was unusual about a ringing phone just after dinner on a weeknight.

Mom cheerfully picks it up. “Hello.”

“Al’s been in a motorcycle accident,” my fiancée cries. “They’re taking him to Harborview Hospital.” Fear seized mom’s heart…as a nurse, she knew the implications.

My parents have always gained HOPE from their strong faith in God. They held each other now as they prayed for His healing power to wrap me in a stronger than death embrace.

Have you ever prayed to your higher power asking for help getting through a difficult situation? Prayer is a pathway to HOPE. We looked at how dictionaries define HOPE, but how is HOPE carried out in one’s life?HopeForRecovery-AlFoxx

HOPE is carried out by choosing faith when doubting would be easier.

My parents arrived at Harborview Hospital while I was still in surgery. Tears stood in their eyes as the doctor told them I’d sustained a brain stem contusion, a ruptured hypothalamus, a ruptured spleen, smashed facial bones and massive internal hemorrhaging. Even if he lives, the doctor warned, he’ll be a different person. Physically, mentally, emotionally, your son will never be the same.

Desperately my parents clung to their prayed for HOPE. HOPE keeps something alive in us even when a situation seems impossible.

Sources of HOPE

Prayer is one pathway to HOPE. Working toward goals is another source of HOPE. I’ve had many others of course but three ongoing goals are:

  • Walking well enough so it doesn’t look like I’m about to fall.
  • Talking well enough to be understood the first time I say something.
  • Driving well enough so my passengers don’t wish they were either walking or wearing helmets..

I’m still not walking as well as I might like, or talking as well as I might like, and I’m probably not driving as well as you might like, but I am doing all those things better than I would be if I didn’t HOPE to do them even better.

ClingtoHope-WinnersDontQuitAssociationWhy do I keep talking about HOPE? Because HOPE keeps our circumstances from defining us, HOPE gives us the courage and the resilience to define our circumstances.

  • My HOPE keynote is called: “HOPE Changes Everything”
    Attendees learn how to believe in their own possibilities.
  • My HOPE workshop is called: “From HOPE to Reality”
    Participants in this “Design for Living” workshop acquire the tools to turn their HOPEs into their Realities.

Seeing challenges instead of catastrophes builds our HOPE. Remember what Christopher Reeves said, “Once you choose HOPE, anything is possible.”

As an Opening or Keynote Speaker, or Workshop Leader, Al Foxx will entertain, educate, motivate and inspire your audiences. Contact him for your next event.

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