Facebook Attitudes

Facebook Gives Opportunities


  • maintain old and build new relationships,
  • build business relationships and
  • develop stress related ulcers and bad Attitudes.

Facebook Dilemmas

I don’t know how my FB dilemma started, and I apparently have no idea how to fix the problem. if I did, you would likely not be experiencing the opportunity to read about it.



Complain? Facebook is Free!

What’s happening is that my Facebook account somehow got intertwined with my girlfriend’s account. I complimented my friend on his musical ability and he thought it came from her and wrote her a letter of appreciation.



Another, perhaps related, issue is that when I try to move to another of my FB pages, I find myself on Bonnie’s profile page.

FB confuses itself.


Technology has amazing potential for making life easier and more fun but significant potential to inflict high levels of frustration and extreme inconvenience.


Sometimes I hate the changes facebook brought about, but sometimes I love them. Since it doesn’t make sense to complain about a free product, I’ll focus on the parts I enjoy.

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