Speaking at Boeing Diversity Conference.

Working with People Who are Different than You

The Dreamliner

Boeing is a leader. This is undeniably proven, not just by how they didn’t let three years of assorted problems and other delays stop the final production of their masterpiece, the new Dreamliner, but by something that matters far more, on a human level. This huge company’s interest in increasing the comfort of a diverse population is shown by giving importance to people whose significance many companies as well as individuals conveniently brush out of their awareness like crumbs off a table. Of course I’m referring to the world’s largest minority, people with disabilities.

What excites me most about this particular opportunity to do two keynotes at a two-day Boeing Diversity Conference are the four breakout sessions one of my partners and I will do in smaller and more interactive settings in the afternoons following my late morning keynotes.

Diversity Workshops

I loved doing prior Boeing keynotes about people with disabilities, but I’m even more passionate about about the smaller meetings after these particular main assemblies. The beauty of break out sessions is the depth of discovery that can take place, both by the participants and the facilitators, when questions are asked and alternative viewpoints considered.

Accepting Diversity

At first, I had a hard time accepting the differences between my life after my crash and my memories of how it had been before my crash. My motorcycle slamming into the truck that ran a stop sign right in front of me changed everything, but that was over 30 years ago. The number of doors that began swinging open, a decade or more after my crash, as soon as I learned to accept and then appreciate my physical disabilities, is just more evidence that:

  1. Accepting the world on the world’s terms is the easiest way to live.
  2. Accepting myself just the way I am is the best way to discover my possibilities.
  3. Accepting myself just the way I am helps me to accept you just they way you are.


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