Diversity Quotes

Speaking on Hope


“The diversity of the world offers us hope for the future  by requiring us to grow and adapt.”

How does growing and adapting look?

(Boeing management appreciated the insights my rehabilitation’s given me concerning diversity.)

Until I grew into the new requirements imposed by my disability, my disabilities kept me from interacting efficiently with others. I was filled with embarrassment and fear. I feared what people would think of my differences.

Because people, by nature, are more comfortable with similarities than differences, I eventually discovered that the best way to interact with people who don’t have disabilities is to focus on our similarities not our differences. In other words, I use our similarities to overcome the discomfort caused by my differences.

 Boeing’s Diversity Conference

The principle of reciprocity, where both parties gain from the relationship, is a key reason people look beyond differences. Keynoting and co facilitating breakout sessions at the two day Boeing Diversity Conference made me even more aware of the international teamwork that went into the completion of their masterpiece the Dreamliner .

Successfully having diverse cultures, from all over the world, come together for the mutual benefit of all concerned proves that benefiting from our similarities enables us to look beyond our differences. Capitalism at its finest.

Our Diversity is Our Strength

A strength that American diversity has proven time and again is that we are able to live with different people who have different abilities and belief systems. Another way to say that is: “Our strength is our ability to unite different people under a set of common rules and laws, agreements, that consider the basic human rights and desires we all have.”

In other words, by developing and using our similarities, we find hope in our diversity.


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