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Saying that having a Winners Don’t Quit Attitude helped me face fearful challenges through my over 30 years of rehabilitation is only partially true. The other part of the truth is that rehabbing from a disabling crash is what gave me a Winners Don’t Quit Attitude. Sharing my acceptance, resilience and hope with America’s largest minority is a thrilling part of the speaking I do, and a definite win-win situation.

Chills travel up and down my spine as I hear laughter and see looks of recognition. The expressions on the faces of Chicago based Cornerstone staff and residents floats my boat. As the truth and familiarity of my jokes and stories sink in, their heartfelt expressions and laughter assures me they can relate.

It’s All In Your Head

Over 30 years of rehab experience have given my comedy and my motivational speaking a flavor that helps places like Cornerstone fulfill their missions  to provide progressive, comprehensive services for people with disabilities. Including my laughter-getting comedy in my keynotes is like chasing medicine with sweet milk.

Since our perceptions, and the Attitudes we choose in response to those perceptions, can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell, it’s clear that the formula I give in my Winners Don’t Quit Keynotes is a clearly defined way to lift the spirits of even the most challenged. Applying my Winners Don’t Quit formula is like following a map from a swamp to a rose garden.

Listen to the reaction of the president of Cornerstone:

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To hire Al to share his humor and motivation at your event, or to participate in his seminar, fill out our contact  questionnaire. He’ll customize any of these  topics for your event. His book No Limits can be obtained separately or  in bulk as part of a package deal.

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