Disabilities Change Employment Opportunities

Facing Change in a Challenging Marketplace

Attitude of Gratitude - Al FoxxCombine all three words, disabilities, changes and employment and you’ve cast a net over everybody in the world. Some people may not be employed or have disabilities, but everyone deals with changes.

If, in addition to dealing with changes, you also have to deal with finding meaningful employment while being disabled, you are right where I am. The first thing I did to deal with this triune challenge was to recognize that all I could do about my disability is to accept it, and all I could do to deal with employment challenges is to make myself employable.

Accepting Change

Care fo rSomeone - Winners Don't Quit AssociationThat leaves me with the universal challenge of change. Accepting changes I did not want and cannot change is key to peacefully dealing with them. The easiest way for me to accept the things I cannot change is to realize that who or whatever is in control was here way before I was and has a lot more power than I do, therefore it would obviously be in my best interest to accept the way he or she set things up.

Giving up control of my own life sounds tougher than it should. It seems so important to be in control of myself. Exercising self control sounds like the responsible thing to do, and I want to be responsible. But is anyone really in control of their own life? I mean how can I be in control when I don’t know what’s going to happen until after it happens?

Tools to Implement Change

Since many of the changes that happen to us seem to be totally out of our control, it is comforting to realize that there are tools we can use to create our own realities. Before we get to some of the others, let’s consider the first six:

  1. Events,
  2. Perception or interpretation of those events,
  3. Truths,
  4. Thoughts, memories and understanding of those truths,
  5. Emotions resulting from your thoughts,
  6. Experiences resulting from your thoughts and emotions.

Changing any of these six things changes your reality. Since we are in control of our thoughts and since our thoughts control our emotions, changing how we feel about the realities we create is as easy as changing how we think.

To get specific steps to creating a reality you’re comfortable with and proud of, obtain a copy of my newest book, Achieving NO LIMITS – Embracing Change.


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